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Make Termination For Medical Reasons Available In Ireland

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After hearing the comments from the Minister for health we urge you to help us continue to fight this very important cause. Here is a template we ask you to send to as many TD'S SENATORS AND COUNSELORS. Not just in your own area but to them all I will post all their addresses also.
Again Thank you so much for your support if we all pull together we can make this happen.... Please can you share this and encourage your friends to do so as well.

Dear TD/Minister

I am writing to express my support for amendment to the Protection of Life During Pregnancy Bill to include a provision for terminations in cases of diagnosis of Fatal Foetal Abnormality. For those expectant mothers and fathers who have found themselves in this heart breaking situation, the time for a change is long overdue. It is totally unacceptable to expect a grieving, broken couple to travel to another country for termination or early induction at the lowest point in their lives.

Every week that passes is another week too long, seeing more and more couples affected. The recent Oireachtas Health Committee meetings have heard from numerous legal experts on how the proposed Bill could make a provision for these cases, and it has been included in draft legislation presented by Dr Simon Mills. The Committee also heard from other legal experts, including Jennifer Schweppe and Ruth Fletcher as to why this change is possible within the existing legal framework. Cross party members of the Dail are currently drafting such an amendment, and I urge you to support this.

The Irish government is now presented with a rare and historic opportunity to somewhat lessen these parents pain, and to provide dignity and support for future parents who find themselves in this heart breaking situation. I urge you to support an amendment to the Bill which provides for the option of termination in cases of Fatal foetal abnormalities. Couples in this situation are already facing the greatest loss of their lives. There is no purpose to compounding their pain.

Yours Sincerely,

List of TD'S

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