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Thoughts on murder post-Jim Sheridan documentary

category cork | crime and justice | opinion/analysis author Wednesday June 23, 2021 08:38author by LouthWoman

Jury still out on Bailey; but in on Gardai corruption

Jim Sheridan's documentary shows Garda Investigation was deeply flawed.

June 2021 and this case still rumbles on. Watched the first four episodes of Sheridan's documentary (which is excellent, in my opinion). What do we now know? Bailey did not burn his overcoat. The gardai took it as evidence. There was no Bailey DNA at the crime scene. There was no Bailey fingerprints at the crime scene. The gardai paid a man named Mark Graham in drugs, clothes and cash to get close to Bailey and get him to confess and then have him appear as their witness. The gardai extorted a woman named Marie Farrell to perjure herself in court and squashed other charges for her family when she did so. John Harbison, the State pathologist at the time, delayed far too long in going to the scene of the crime. The local gardai seem to have chosen the murderer and then tried to build a case using illegal methods to get that to stick. It was extremely sad watching Sophie's parents, now elderly, still so upset and traumatized. Her son gets comfort by being amongst her things, even touching her tea leaves. Jules Thomas, Ian Bailey's partner, is the most remarkable person out of it all; absolutely resolute, calm, dignified, kind and empathetic to the plight of everyone and not at all self-pitying. Well done Jim Sheridan on highlighting the facts of the case.

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