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Voltaire Network
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Methods of work of secret service

category international | rights, freedoms and repression | opinion/analysis author Thursday November 14, 2013 18:24author by rebel Report this post to the editors

Here are some examples how secret service work, it can be useful to those who don’t have experience with them. Here are some examples how secret service work, it can be useful to those who don’t have experience with them. Of course, it has nothing with national security. In the West, they follow you on the basis of nationality, color of skin and religion. They make paranoia and create fears about immigrants in order to spread racism and justify repression (imprisoning and deportation) against immigrants.

Hitler made propaganda several years before he created Auschwitz, etc. Secret service serve government in creating consent in population for politics of the gov. Therefore secret service need journalists and editors in medias who will work for them, owners of media will also always cooperate with them. They need also cops and prosecutors and judges who will work for them, so, they can make political court process against immigrants, they can arrest you for any stupid thing to prosecute you but real reason is ethnic cleaning of the country. Danish medias published information that now 10% of prison population are immigrants. Danish secret service (PET) spy poor Romanians, Bulgarians and others, with aim to imprison and deport them, it means PET is misused for criminal things and they never touch Danish criminals about such things. So, they don’t follow immigrants about putting bomb in metro than about stealing and similar. Shortly, they give money to Romanian to work for them and snitch other Romanians, after they get information what people do (burglaries for example), they follow them and call police patrol to come when they see they broke some house. Domestic criminals do much bigger things than burglaries, and secret service don’t follow them and don’t call police to arrest them. They are true fascists and they are really misusing secret service to arrest more and more immigrants and to deport them. It is true ethnic cleaning, always with story “we do nice things, we clean country from criminals”, yes, fascists always represent themselves like good people who fight against bad people. Just they forget to say: but we like our criminals, it is about foreign criminals, so, it is ethnic cleaning. Really, domestic criminals have no problem if their girlfriends work for secret service, they fuck with spies and they know their secret service will not touch them, “they just make business, they are not interested for politics”, but the same can be said for Romanian or African criminal, they don’t care for politics but politics “care” for them because of their nationality, color of skin, etc. It is like in Germany in the time of Hitler, fascists hunted Slavic, homosexuals, Jewish and others, and they had beliefs that they do good thing and not bad thing, Germans who were good, they stayed passive and fascists did what they wanted. They eliminated also mentally sick people because they believed in strong race and “all weak people should be eliminated like some kind of garbage”. You can meet and fascists from your country, as I met, who say that homeless or other people are genetically bad and garbage and they should be eliminated, such people are liked by Danish secret service, they are the same. But such kids come from rich families and they are connected with secret service in Serbia and they speak always against poor people. Their patriotism is: I kiss in ass secret service and gov, to profit for myself. Their patriotism is not: majority of Serbs are poor, let’s help to some people to get normal life. They don’t care for people, they pretend they are patriots because they want privileges which secret service can give them (to do something criminal and to stay free). That’s how rich kids become brave, they make shit and never finish in the prison, so, they make more and more shit, they saw that they are privileged. In this moment, medias in Serbia write about leaders of football hooligans, they are arrested million times by cops but never sentenced by the judge. It means they don’t know to do job professionally, but they have connections with secret service and judges and they can’t be sent in the prison. Now after media stories, politicians started to speak they will be arrested. The most comic thing is, before several days, one man from football club Red Star got position to be chef of secret service. Result will be: Red Star hooligans will kill others without problem and they will become “the strongest”. Without help from secret service, many would be arrested and imprisoned because they are amateurs who have privileges and because of privileges they got balls to do something in their life. When I am at balls, let’s mention and department for propaganda.

Every secret service has department for propaganda, beside disinformation through medias, they have their people in many groups (in average, every 4th person in society work for secret service) and they use them to make bad picture about somebody who is not good for secret service. For example, if they want to stop that somebody get job from criminals or if they want to kill some criminal, they will use their people among criminals to make bad picture about this person who is their target. So, first they make propaganda and after that they make repression or killing or whatever else. What means bad picture? Everything what criminals dislike (no courage to do something, snitch, pedophile, etc), in the case of Muslims, everything what Muslims dislike (he is not believer, unbelievers should stay without head, blabla, snitch take a roll of the most radical Muslim, his aim is to get trust and he tries to convince others to give up from you, if he succeed he will get something from secret service, money or whatever else).

So, let’s say, you speak or fight against government or their colonial corporate wars, by the law secret service should follow you only if you want to use bomb in metro or to kill politicians, they should not make any private problem in your life. But it is theory, in reality, they will follow you because you are (just verbal) opponent to the gov, they will produce problems for you at school, job or anywhere else. Technically, secret service will follow you, they will see with whom you are friend and what you do in your life, they will turn people against you to isolate you, to make your influence on other people smaller and without help from other people it is easier for them to arrest you when “time comes for that”, you will not have place to hide yourself. They will also send their snitches to befriend with you, not only one than more of them, they will try to set you up girlfriend, and they will try to be with you 24 hours per day. Friends during the day and girl during the night, they spy you 100% of your time. Of course, they will use and electronic surveillance, so, your phone, internet and the rest will help them to spy you. Therefore, don’t use phone, etc. You can recognize snitch very simple, they try to befriend with you at any price, like that their life depend from that, they are always there where you come, etc. The aim is to know your habits and your way of thinking and to inform secret service if you plan to protest or to use any violent method against government. Your girlfriend snitch will support you verbally, to get your trust but she will forward information to secret service who finance her life (give her degree, good job place or whatever else). Secret service use women also to snitch criminals but as I said, they don’t touch domestic criminals, only those who have different nationality and color of skin.

And today there is cooperation between countries, usually fascists from the west give a lot of money to politicians in East Europe and Africa, for example, Serbian criminal can be snitched by Serbian woman who work for Serbian embassy in Denmark and Serbian embassy help to Danish fascists to arrest Serbian criminals. And some criminals who came from Serbia, they worked for Serbian secret service before they came to the West, so, they don’t need any woman to spy you and to arrest you, they can use their criminals who work for them, but don’t forget they will make propaganda before they arrest you, that’s how they work. There is no problem for secret service to find recommendation for their criminals, one criminal from Belgrade “escaped” to Brazil, after one year, the whole group from Yugoslavia was arrested and only this one from Belgrade escaped. First, he could not get position of big criminal in Belgrade if he was not good for secret service, he worked for them 100%, then he really had to escape or they made it false to send him to South America, they helped him to get recommendation if it was necessary, and there he spied people for the bill of Serbian secret service.

Secret service can arrest you for any stupid thing, just to harass you, to make shit, as they did to me in the library in Hamburg, after one night in custody they set me free. Fascists are happy even if they keep immigrant just one night in custody, fascists have no other reason to live in this world than to make shit for people who have different nationality. They are lunatics and they don’t have what else to do. Norway fascists spied immigrants while Breivik planned how to kill 70 people. German fascist secret service financed national socialist underground, group that killed 12 immigrants in last 10 years. Danish fascist secret service charged leftists (Redox) who published information about secret fascist group, it is clear that nobody makes something secret to watch movies than to shoot people (immigrants). There are many examples of connection between European fascists groups and secret services.

So, if you are followed by fascist secret service, logically, first you must escape from secret service and after that you must find job without to be registered, so, you can make a living without to be inside of system. If you just move to the other country but you get registered job, they will find you. Even if you just make bank account, bank will inform your home country (tax office) about it and they will find you. You can escape from secret service if you change all your cloths (and of course you forget all your electronic devices) and you escape with Enduro motorcycle in the nature. If you don’t trust to anyone with motorcycle, you must buy GPS/GSM jammer, to block signal if you escape with your own motorcycle. In the nature you must change vehicle, you must travel with some friend from other country in his car. But again all communication must be from mouth to mouth, without any phone or internet. When you come to the other country, find some job until you collect money to buy fake (duplicate identity) documents. Then you can live with another identity but such life must have some rules too. And for the end, I forgot to say, you can see that you are followed because they repeat the same thing many times, if you see repeating of the same thing around you every day, give more attention to such things. They have schema how they follow people, they repeat it million times. And you will not be alone even 2 o’clock in the night in some dark park when it is raining. Secret service also spend money how much they want and they say “it was national security”, but in fact they follow you to know everything about you and make bad picture about you. They will do everything to disturb you to get job, if you are an immigrant, they hope you will go out from the country, etc. I was in Germany 8 months last year, Germans got advices from Danish fascists how to make shit for me, so, German snitches produce conflicts between me and other people and they drove car on me when I ride a bike, several times per day, Danish did the same, so, Danish gave them advise to do it. There is no big science about it, they are lunatics and they produce hate between domestic people and immigrants and they profit if anyone make some shit.

After crazy Breivik killed people, secret service surely got more money from budget and nobody in secret service lost job. Even if immigrants don’t do anything, they produce fear and demand more money from budget. In the end, everything is about money. That’s capitalism and security in capitalism, it is about business and profit, if there are no terrorists, they will imagine some of them, they can say you are terrorist even if you make peaceful protest against corporations, so, they get more money in their pockets. That was next level in building totalitarianism, they made already “preventive arrests” in Copenhagen at anti climate protests in Dec.2009. After 2 years activists won court process, but government don’t care, for them was important to destroy protest, what will say some judge after 2 years, they don’t give a shit. Politicians and cops will not pay for damage from their pockets. But preventive arrests are based on work of secret service and their snitches. Preventive arrest is presumption that people will do something against the law, even they didn’t do anything. It is clear martial law, dictatorship and abolishing human rights to show opinion. They prevented even Swedish students to come to university in Copenhagen because they believe they come to protest and protest is just showing publicly your opinion. When they forbid you to say your opinion, it is dictatorship, it doesn’t matter if they misuse some believes that you will do something criminal. In any case, welcome to totalitarianism, that's more concrete term than dictatorship, but more important is that you open your eyes and organize with others and fight against repression. They target different people in different time, one day Muslim, another day immigrants, another day criminals, another day domestic people who protest... They work against society, to keep their position of privileges and money, politicians, prosecutors, judges, cops, secret service and their snitches even between criminals, all of them like privileges and money and they are organized against society.

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