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Indymedia Ireland is a volunteer-run non-commercial open publishing website for local and international news, opinion & analysis, press releases and events. Its main objective is to enable the public to participate in reporting and analysis of the news and other important events and aspects of our daily lives and thereby give a voice to people. It has since evolved to a site that attempts to present an alternative to media propaganda spin and lies with contributions of aware activists and media/geopolitical savvy posters from the general public.

It forms part of the former global Indymedia movement, a project focused on grassroots non-commercial news written by ordinary people. However the global indymedia movement has over the years fallen into a state of decay and most of its sites have closed down.
Indymedia Ireland was setup in Oct 2001 and its very first story reported on a privatisation meeting in Dublin's Burlington Hotel. From the beginning it has been run by a collective and has been and still is an all volunteer effort. It uses freeware GPL software to run the site and all funding is through donations received from the public.

In the years since then it has carried many reports and news breaking stories that the mainstream (corporate & state) media either reluctantly or initially would not at all carry and then later put their own spins on. These topics ranged from Reclaim the Streets, Iraq war protests, use of Shannon, Grassroots against the War, Bin Tax, Privatisation, Nice Treaty, Lisbon Treaty, EU MayDay protest, Incineration, Hospital closures, Cutbacks, Shell to Sea, Gaza and many many others.

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Beginnings of Global Indymedia

The original Independent Media Centre (www.indymedia.org), was established by various independent and alternative media organizations and activists for the purpose of providing grassroots coverage of the World Trade Organization (WTO) protests in Seattle November 1999. The centre acted as a clearinghouse of information for journalists, and provided up-to-the-minute reports, photos, audio and video footage through its website. Using the collected footage, the Seattle Independent Media Centre (seattle.indymedia.org) produced a series of five documentaries, uplinked every day to satellite and distributed throughout the United States to public access stations.

The centre also produced its own newspaper, distributed throughout Seattle and to other cities via the internet, as well as hundreds of audio segments, transmitted through the web and Studio X, a 24-hour micro and internet radio station based in Seattle. The site, which used an open-publishing system, was featured on America Online, Yahoo, CNN, BBC Online, and numerous other sites.. Through a decentralized and autonomous network, hundreds of media activists were setup independent media centres in London, Canada, Mexico City, Prague, Belgium, France, and Italy, and many more. Unfortunately in the intervening years the Indymedia network has decayed away and most of the sites have shutdown.

For more information visit the global IMC site - www.indymedia.org

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