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Hypocrisy and Deceit Regarding Fake News and Free Speech from the ACLU is Beyond Chilling and Can No Longer Be Ignored (Amicus Curiae)

category international | rights, freedoms and repression | opinion/analysis author Thursday April 20, 2017 02:25author by James Justice Report this post to the editors

One would think there would be enough intelligent and discerning people within the lawyerly world of the ACLU to have paid some real attention to the actual many and damning Wikileaks (both before the election and after), as well from real progressives like the Sane Progressive Debbie Lusignan, H.A. Goodman, and equally top quality libertarian writers like Justin Raimondo (and dozens of others who have actually been trying to tell truth against the avalanche of lies coming from both the traditional left and traditional right and mainstream media).

Hypocrisy and Deceit Regarding Fake News and Free Speech from the ACLU is Beyond Chilling and Can No Longer Be Ignored (Amicus Curiae)

By James Justice

[Note: If you feel this essay is important then please take the initiative to publish (permission granted) share, tweet, email, discuss, etc., as this message is very important. You have a duty to yourself and those you care about to help preserve your American rights.]

Anthony Romero, Executive Director of the ACLU, emailed union members not long ago (March 21, 2017) to urge them to endorse Acting Deputy Attorney General Dana Boente appoint a special prosecutor to investigate Russian interference and any role by the Trump campaign.

But this is NOT the alleged role of the American Civil Liberties Union—to play the kind of blatant party partisan politics that attacks anything and everything Donald Trump related which Anthony Romero and his crew have continuously espoused over the last several months!

What this latest bash-Trump request reveals is Romero’s ignorance of the real fact patterns as to what has really been going on as real politics as beyond usual (that one could learn from some “alternative Internet sources” even though many of the best alternative sources have been labeled “fake news” by some within the corrupt mainstream media and corrupt political establishments).

Romero equally shows he has little insight into how very deadly serious are the lies and distortions of today’s political chaos, or little awareness of just how much fake news has misled the American public for a long time on very important matters (for decades).

It is as if he has never heard of the phrase “false flag operation”, or he has little idea to how such a phenomenon reality has routinely played a role in misleading millions of people as propaganda tricks used by mainstream media while colluding with our government and sometimes with other governments as well.

His naiveté on display is incredulous. Meanwhile we Americans can no longer accept living in a conceptual world where mainstream media purveys fake news (id. est., deliberate disinformation propaganda) even if many professionals, such as lawyers, are not familiar with concepts like false flag operation—a concept all thinking people should know, as well as awareness of many actual examples of such an intelligence operation through history and especially American history.

[Note: There is plenty of information about false flag operations on the Internet but not hardly little provided by the mainstream media—which is often a key player in these operations devised to lie to the public.]

What then Anthony Romero too espouses, with his abnegation of anything even close to even-handedness, are the blatant lies and fabrications of the Democratic Party and too much of the leftist and the mainstream media. The ACLU too has become a “tool” of the deep state propaganda machine.

[Note: “Deep state” is another concept all Americans should be familiar. How else will the people ever realize there is a shadow government that really has a great influence in how things really work?]

One would think there would be enough intelligent and discerning people within the lawyerly world of the ACLU to have paid some real attention to the actual many and damning Wikileaks (both before the election and after), as well from real progressives like the Sane Progressive Debbie Lusignan, H.A. Goodman, and equally top quality libertarian writers like Justin Raimondo (and dozens of others who have actually been trying to tell truth against the avalanche of lies coming from both the traditional left and traditional right and mainstream media).

Read ‘the list’ of the Top 100 Most Damaging Wikileaks (so far) at:

Note: This list was composed before November’s election but this is a good place to learn why the DNC was pushing their red herrings about Russia hacking (so that you would not as likely pay attention to the actual content of the leaks). Once you begin to become familiar with some of these damning matters, watch this video source that was basically a loner voice in the wilderness while big progressive media was too busy dishing out their own versions of reverse racism propaganda (rather than facing the truth about what a lousy candidate was Hilary Clinton):

Democrats & GOP War Hawks Align in Lunatic Russia Manipulation of American People by Sane Progressive at:

[Sane Progressive Debbie L. is almost always worth your time as she can tell it better than almost anyone—even as she swears she does it so articulately and with such appropriate passion it comes across as a symphony.]

If you read and listen to people with real insight, intelligence and integrity—from the minority of those who can take you beyond the lies that so many in the leftist populists groups continue to cling—you will gain some reality news that will shock you into awareness of just how corrupt the American status quo had become. Read for example some of Justin Raimondo’s essays on this Russian hullabaloo at his great website, AntiWar.Com:

Adam Schiff: Grifter, Racketeer, Warmonger: The ringmasters of the Russia hearings profits from his antics by Justin Raimondo at:

Rush to Judgment: The evidence that the Russians hacked the DNC is collapsing at:

It is within this environment of lies and corruption that not only has Anthony Romero taken the ACLU mission way over the line of what it the ACLU officially claims to represent and do, but he personally comes across as either some numbskull of a puppet parrot who is easily misled (by all the holier-than-thou virtue signaling on the left), or he has too has become corrupted within a big political establishment of corruption, and is too willing to engaged in this massive game of deceit for the Democratic Party and much of the mainstream media, in their literal conspiracy to destroy Trump at “any” cost—truth be damned (as only one causality of this devolving nightmare).

Either way, Romero and top echelon members of ACLU management, should voluntarily quit, be fired, or the ACLU should be closed down as a non-profit organization. At minimum there should be an investigation into this matter because “several” non-profit organizations and supposedly pro-liberal organizations are acting in decisively non-progressive and hypocritically deceitful manners spewing disinformation (along with the deep state and its mainstream media “MSM”).

Yet in order to put this amicus curiae, Friend-of-the-Public-Opinion-Court, complaint and its themes into a down-to-earth-real-world context, you, readers, need to be asked a far greater question: “How can any reasonably sane and truly alert American still think this country has even ‘one’ civil or political institution that has not been significantly corrupted?”

One merely need to note the amount of lobby bribery money exchanged in Washington D.C., and the amount of money spent on campaigning to get elected to understand something about the nature of the dishonesty that dominates this nation. It should be obvious the government has been for sale for a long time.

Surely one could have hoped the ACLU could stand apart, as exceptional, and live up to its mission statement (even while it is funded by organizations with biased goals) but clearly this is not the case in any real sense.

Their own tea leaves show the ACLU is ready to allow for censorship of the so-called “alt-right” (alternative right operating through the Internet which is actually telling a great deal of truth about the corruption of this country and the status quo) and therefore they at the ACLU are willing to allow for the demise of any resemblance of free speech altogether. It is that simple. Read article: “ACLU Talks a Big Game About Free Speech While Attacking It Unrelentingly” by Chris Potts at:

The mere concept of “alt-right” is of itself so ruthlessly smeared and slandered. But there is not an exceptional amount of objective detail to come up with some singularly close opinion of the term alt-right. Various persons who claim to represent the AR differ themselves, and of course those who hate the AR spare no means to smear this apparently powerful threat which gets so much bad press. Anything its enemies can use to label as racist, anti-Semitic, fascist is what those enemies claim is “Alternative Right”.

And it should be especially noted that any kind of alt-left (as real truth and real insight to real news and opinion) has been negligible. The alternative left resides in its own phony reality and intellectual corruption. There is some actual alternative progressivism but the actors behind this set of affairs is a small subset. This truth is equally part of the war against the so-called alt-right that has amounted to small real opposition to the establishment status quo.

So why, given today’s political climate, should anyone trust those who speak for traditional institutions and traditional authority, such as voices from within the mainstream media, or various branches of government officialdom, and even those who claim to advocate for human rights and progressive causes?

Too much of the left today has clearly shown itself to be poisoned by the hatred it projects on those people who support Trump. They pretend to possess all the intellectual cards and virtue cards and yet they often operate in a manner that is corrosive and nefarious. And this growth in overall corruption levels on both the traditional left and traditional right is because of a country that has been rotting with a general corruption of big government, big bureaucracy for a very long time.

Do not most people realize there has never been a more corrupted country in the entire history of the world than that of the United States of America—simply based on the “fact” that our country (that is our U.S. foreign policy) has corrupted so many other countries and come to dominate so many other countries around the world? Read, for example, William Blum’s books America’s Deadliest Export: Democracy and Freeing the World to Death and Killing Hope: U.S. Military and CIA Interventions Since World War II.

After reading and verifying such books as Williams Blum’s, then pretty much anyone could realize most Americans are truly naïve and misled about their own government (and the mainstream media reporting that colludes in unison while pretending to inform their naive readers).

And they could aptly conclude the “last” people who should be deciding what is, and what is not, fake news and sources, would be these people who control those organizations, and have claimed to speak as traditional authority on what is the news—that is given the appropriated amount of disillusionment and mistrust Americans should have toward these institutions and their employees.

Consider the current circus shows of Democrat California Representative Adam Schiff, alleging accusations the Trump campaign has been colluding with Russia as if what is being mouthed by supposed professionals are real facts (and the mainstream media’s reporting of it as real as well). And yet the whole circus is an immense pact of lies played out by media, politicians, government agencies, think tank so-called experts, etc. as a huge waste of money and time. Watch: The Elite Are Not Finished With Trump Just Yet Paul Craig Roberts at:

And while Democrats and the deep and dark state of intelligence agencies continue with McCarthyist lies (although now Susan Rice complicity blows this “orchestra of deception” to pieces with another cat out of the bag) that even supposedly wholesome non-profits like ACLU also collude, they also collectively ignore a much greater and long-lived truism, namely the United States has continuously intervened in elections around the world for decades.

This indulgent effrontery (assuming the masses so ignorant) is beyond mockery: it is a huge embarrassment to the people of the United States being judged by other peoples of the world—once again showing how very stupid and misinformed are the politicians and too many of the American people.

Meanwhile political scientist Dov Levin of Carnegie Mellon University created a database, not too long ago, where he documents numerous attempts by the United States to influence elections in other countries. Read article the: The U.S. Interfered in Foreign Presidential Elections 81 Times From 1946-2000 at:

So how can the American people be so hoodwinked by these supposed spokespersons and leaders of our country (and those who get donations as non-profits but then don’t operate as they are required by law)?

Why is it so hard for Americans to realize that many of the real issues are about the deep state “sustaining” their humongous and hemorrhaging budgets of the Federal Government bureaucracy, and special lobby interests (that parasitically gain from tax payers being misinformed and frightened by their deceptive games and propaganda)?

As much as the left tries to make the case that it cares about the poor, minorities, all those discriminated against, the truth is that the left is a mirror image to Hilary Clinton, they are pretty much all funded and owned by corporate and special interests that have very deep pockets of money to corrupt their stated causes.

In fact many limousine liberals on the outspoken left are well off (or at least well paid) and come from well-to-do families. Nevertheless they are really protecting the banks, the military industrial complex, the surveillance complex, and many bloated budgets that funnel money to all manner of causes in exchange for support. They are working for mores wars, against the economic interests of the average American taxpayer, such as voting in health care programs that benefit healthcare corporations, pharmaceutical industry and insurance corporations. These people are mostly fraudsters (including the soft-minds within the ACLU).

So how could someone like Anthony Romero have ignored, or not comprehended what Julian Assange and the Wikileaks revealed before election day (and now afterward)? It is beyond belief what naiveté levels this man expects union members and the public to maintain, as he, himself, contributes to this very corruption.

At minimum this is negligence and incompetence (or it could be he is actively engaged in helping to inflame a cultural if not a civil war in this country). Many on the left have been working for coercive means of regime change including the inflaming of hatred of the new administration in hopes of civil disturbances that include riots and violence.

How could he not be aware of the Project Veritas underground investigations into the Democratic Party’s “illegal” tricks to destroy the credibility of Donald Trump and his supporters (including the use of violence and hate tactics)? Google: “Project Veritas Rigging the Election Videos I, II, III, IV” and watch how dirty the Democratic Party plays politics (and this is just a small part of this story)!

And the Democratic National Committee DNC’s deceit-mongering from Russian hacking to Trump Russian collusion also helps cover-up various murders directly related to the Democratic Party (mafia-style thug felonies) some which happened this last year, such as that of Seth Rich (a previous employee of the DNC).

And we well note the mainstream media deliberately ignored, or significantly downplayed, the deaths of Seth Rich, Shawn Lucas, Joe Montano, etc. (censorship by omission). See video: Clinton Body Count + 5 in Just Weeks by Truthstream Media at:

What is alarming is how the American Civil Liberties Union has become not just partisan mouthpiece for so-called social justice warriors, but rather it too colludes to lie and deceive the American public about Donald Trump and Trump supporters with the same reverse racism that many of the left have adopted.

This very deceit game is used to justify their own rejecting of alternative voices, in general, that stray too close to the truth about how both the traditional left and traditional right have been the same coin of corruption, eating and destroying this civilization from within.

According to online encyclopedia Wikipedia’s entry on the American Civil Liberties Union, in the very first sentence it says: “The ACLU is a nonpartisan, non-profit organization whose stated mission is “to defend and preserve the individual rights and liberties guaranteed to every person in this country by the Constitution and laws of the United States.”

The second sentence says: “It works through litigation and lobbying.”

But in reality it now, like Black Lives Matter, actively organizes protests (which likely could covertly be turned into riots and violence like so many left-wing actions have turned to violence and fascist hatred against the democratically and duly elected leader Donald Trump and his millions and millions of supporters).

MoveOn.Org, another distorted and corrupted not-for-profit, actually paid and bussed protesters to riot at various Trump rallies around the country (covertly of course). You can search this out on the Internet. MoveOn.Org’s own website is a bastion of reverse racism and fascist strategy. It is far from an intellectually mature and fair and balanced non-profit.

George Soros money is behind a lot of these “hate Trump, hate Trump supporters, and label them all racists” movements.

Equally Media Matters, and its leader x-Trotskyite David Brock, is another corrupted institution creating fake news and misinformation. It is also a 501(c) (3) not profit the claims its mission is to research, monitor, analyze and correct conservative misinformation, but that is not the true de facto purpose at all. Their real purpose is to distort the record of conservative media with their own brand of fake news lies.

Sure if conservative news puts out some opinion or fact that can be disputed Media Matters will happily give their version, but they go a whole lot further than correcting facts and disputing opinions. There real forte specialty is to orchestrate complete lies bigger than life. You don’t need to be some genius to figure this stuff out.

For example, they too are pushing lies about Russian interference (and covering up crimes and illegal surveillance by the Obama Administration). And get this: these are the same people who covered up for all the crimes of Hilary Clinton!

Nevertheless these organizations get a great deal of money from donors, as they are freely allowed and encouraged to publish their distortive dirt.

And they too specifically lobby to destroy the free speech rights of the alternative media. We Americans have never seen anything as corrupt regarding the news empires and the massive tentacles of political corruption in our living history.

David Brock’s Media Matters, along with MoveOn.Org, along with dozens of other news and political organizations, all are engaged in a mass conspiracy of distorting the truth, silencing the opposition, and trying to derail a popular President, and this is nothing less than the beginning of resurrecting the Bolsheviks’ Cheka Police State that quickly went after all peoples considered dissenters.

It was exactly 100 years ago that “counter-revolutionary” agency for war against Russians began after the October Revolution. Counter revolution explains the left’s and the deep state’s war on the Alex Jones InfoWars counter infowar. There is a huge game of free-for-all killing any kind of oppositional media.

The Cheka agency evolved to became one of the most vicious, murderous with violent forms of torture ever to have evolved in human history motivated with an avid hatred of Christian Russians by what was essential atheists from Jewish families. It ran the work-to-death camps. And it all started out with political delusions of grandiosity and lies and it too was grounded in hatred and an assumed superiority as it projected hatred to those that eventually became their red terror victims.

One hundred years later we have what most assume as mild and righteous rebellion by a rainbow and mainstream media status quo. Few can imagine how far such deceit games could go.

Meanwhile Post Office mailing and emails, from ACLU shows the ACLU does not work in a non-partisan manner, and rather it actively works against people who voted for Donald Trump, and against “alt-right”; and equally the ACLU works to reinforce the prejudicial idea that people who voted for Donald Trump are rampantly racist, xenophobic, sexist, fascist, Nazis or Neo-Nazis, KKK Klansmen, or just baldly narrow, uneducated, bigoted and nationalists (in their narrow sense of semantics ‘nationalist’ to mean again racist, provincial, etc.).

ACLU leaders seem to collectively buy into the collusion that hostilities and motives surrounding issues of migrations are primarily because of racism and xenophobia. There is little such thing as skepticism within their ranks.

Read article: “Wait a Minute--Who's Fascist?” at:

The ACLU, at least at the top corporate level, has shown ample evidence that it has become adamantly opposed to fighting for the free speech rights of the conservatives (or even recognizing such rights) meanwhile actively engaged in a cultural war that especially works to severely limit the free speech rights of people they claim are either alt-right, conspiracy theorists, fake news, Russian collaborators, Islamophobes, or other labeled as racists, anti-Semites, etc.

They are mostly ignoring the MANY serious attempts to shut down or severely censor alternative-right news websites. There is a huge and real conspiracy actively engaged trying to stifle free speech that counters what the traditional news empires claim is news.

Watch video: Many of Your Favorite YouTube Channels Are About To Vanish!!!! by Voice of Reason / Right Wing News at: and

Old media is making their move to kill YouTube: pulling ad revenue from independent journalists and pundits. And nobody is talking about it except the victims themselves at:

Therefore the ACLU should be closed down as a non-profit organization since it is not acting according to its own mission statement.

Furthermore the ACLU has taken millions of dollars from the delusional George Soros’ Open Society Foundation, a man who heavily financed Hilary Clinton’s presidential campaign. This is a blatant conflict of interest reality.

Soros is a convicted criminal and is under investigation is “several” countries around the world as he routinely foments unrest, civil war, currency and economic wars. His foundation gives millions and millions of dollars to left wing organizations, some whose sole purpose is to destroy any credibility (legally and illegally) of right-wing conservatives and especially to create prejudice against Trump supporters and people who want to put American priorities above special interest priorities, such as the parasitic interests of the banking cartels and international financial globalists who profit off a corrupt world financial system, arbitraging jobs where there are few safeguards or reasonable wages, such as their secretive world trade deals that destroy the autonomy of individual nation states (nationalism).

The definition of ‘nationalism’ from a high-quality political dictionary, namely The American Political Dictionary, 10th Ed., by Jack Plano and Milton Greenberg is says:

“Social and psychological forces that spring from unique cultural and historical factors to provide unity and inspiration to a given people through a sense of belonging together and of sharing values. Nationalism binds together people who possess common cultural, linguistic, racial, historical, or geographical characteristics or experiences and who give their loyalty to the same political group. …”

This definitions should have included religious affiliation as religions historically have created unity and when indiscriminately intermixed have caused much conflict.

And this definition goes on to say there can be ‘ethnocentric’ belief in the superiority of one’s own group and ‘xenophobic’ exaggerated fears or distrust of foreigners).

Still the idea of nationalism, in and of itself, or as a unified economic system of some territory and some similar kind of people, is not some egregious state of affairs (save for delusional cultural Marxists who by nature are anarchists and see evil in anything that does not live up to their Utopian delusions).

It is their own prejudice that projects their allegations of nationalism to be primarily about xenophobia or superiority when these two things actually do not matter in respect to the real economic and cultural issues.

Any anthropologist will tell you there is such a thing as “cultures” that have evolved over the centuries and worked as economic units, and that these realities have functioned, in many instances, adequately over considerable time of cultural histories.

But because the political correct want to believe white people are especially racist they basically try to insinuate that white people are the cause of all inequality, all repression, etc. This is in itself reverse racism—especially when they refuse to consider the many deeper issues that affect real people (in their too often shallow assumptions, games of virtue signaling and self-righteousness). Watch video: The Truth About Immigration and Welfare by Stefan Molyneux at:

[Note: Stefan Molyneux has many excellent videos on contemporary and political topics on the Internet and his own website: Freedomain Radio. You would benefit greatly to become familiar with his many arguments against leftist assumptions taken as God sent gospel. Not only is he highly educated with a vast education on history, he is articulate, literate, witty, and yes an alt-right voice you are not supposed to know exists. He is also like a dragon’s fire expunging the lies of political correctness that is destroying our civilization. Do study this man and learn there are alternative ways of thinking about important matters. Watch especially his video: The Truth About Illegal Immigrants: Was Donald Trump Right? at:]

There have been various studies done on how well disparate groups of people function, when thrown together in the same territory. How well did the Tutsi fair under the Hutu majority government of Rwanda? How are the Catholics and Protestants getting along in Northern Ireland? What was all the conflict in Kosovo and Serbia about? Why did various Native American tribes go to war against each other before Christopher Columbus (ditto for Central and South American civilizations having conflicts amongst their neighbors before the Conquistadors)? Why are there so many tribes of people in Afghanistan and related areas and why do they have conflicts not involving white people?

The utopian ideal of multiculturalism is a brainwash. It claims people of different races, cultures, languages, value systems, religions, different levels of intelligence, levels of wealth and poverty, different legal notions and laws, different attitudes and practices and including those against outside groups, etc., can readily learn to live in harmony (and this grandiose delusion does not even consider already established animosities between groups, and past and current wars, terrorist training and personal motives and convictions, etc.). Watch video: What Pisses Me Off About Western Civilization by Stefan Molyneux at:

Still this cultural and political Marxism ideology is being forced down society’s throat. It creates more tensions in American schools and campuses (and all throughout European countries as well). The fact is this kind of hyper-integration of diverse peoples causes less trust and more conflict between people (not just between peoples of various ethnicities but distrust between people of the same ethnicities).

Furthermore it is a fact the migration patterns are pretty much all toward nations with once predominately white populations, with industrial cultures, schools, welfare programs, democratic forms of government, and some forms of personal wealth and private property.

Globalist institutions are forcing these Western countries to absorb huge populations of poor, often poorly educated, people with very different backgrounds and little to no language skills for the countries they are entering. The fact is they do sometimes carry disease vectors, are mostly a “demand” on the economic and environment resources (as opposed to bringing value) and they are expecting the new nations to pay for their welfare (from the tax payers who already live there).

Meanwhile the two countries especially responsible for these several wars in the Middle East such as in Syria, namely Saudi Arabia and Israel are not taking in any migrants?

Meanwhile some left-leaning Jews are leading the demand that Western countries absorb high levels of foreigners without even being vetted.

This idea we should freely allow people from countries that our foreign policy has been at war is suicide from a strategically and national interest reality. Such a naïve and ideological notion is ludicrous beyond any rational sense of wisdom. Only the most overly protected could be so gullible and stupidly vulnerable as to actively seek such security risks. People who are trying to say this is mostly an issue of racism are completely deluded or corrupted.

What the hypocritical left as social warriors have done is to claim that the fears of Americans who want a wall, more border security, less immigrants from Mexico and the Middle East, is because of racism and Islamophobia, when it truth the real issues have been about economics such as jobs, wages, standard of living, safety, crime, disease, crime, expansion of welfare rolls paid for by a lot of middle class whites especially (is which immigrants substantially expand the welfare payments).

It equally has to do with politics, jobs sent overseas by the financial globalists, and the politics of the Democratic Party wanting immigrants because they know immigrants will vote for Democrat candidates.

To understand the folly of current immigration policy in real statistical numbers watch the video: World Poverty, Immigration & Gumballs by at:

And yet social justice warriors, the Democratic Party, and leaders at the ACLU (financed by a highly political George Soros) insinuate this is all about white racism and hard hearts.

And yet not only was it the Democratic Party that supported slavery and fought the abolitionists before the American Civil War, they also supported the initial idea of “manifest destiny” and the blatant stealing of land from Mexico over 150 years ago as well (but their uncanny capacity to lie and deceive have us believing anyone who calls himself a conservative or of some right-wing circle is automatically a fascist).

Furthermore, these high and mighty spokespersons, didn’t put up any political hysteria when Muslims, and their children, in those seven countries were being attacked by American soldiers or supported by American foreign policy, as the drone bombings for eight years of Obama Whitehouse? It was President Bush and Obama who have been at war with these specific seven countries (often for Israel or Saudi Arabia) and where were all the tears from the likes of the liberal left and Anthony Romero?

Adding to this hypocrisy is the drit-of-a-rag, The Nation, now written by the greatest of hypocrite staffs in liberal history. Never lacking in self-righteousness, their April 3rd yellow journal announces on its cover: “How to Revive the Peace Movement: We need to merge social justice and antiwar activism.” Get that! For the last eight years when a Democrat President was in power, who has been at war his entire eight years, the left’s supposed “peace activism” alliance took a long vacation. And now suddenly they are talking about reviving a peace movement because Trump has the helm? How much more flagrantly hypocritical can you get? And how much money does this third rate rag-journal get from George Soros and his ilk? Read: The Tale of Two Protests: One was on the front pages – the other was practically ignored at:

Moreover, there other countries which are mostly Muslim that were not included on the ban (as a majority of world Muslims are NOT banned from coming here under that 3 month ban)? Read also: FACT CHECK: So-called “Muslim ban” doesn’t even effect 87% of the world’s 1.6 billion Muslim population by Natural News Editors at:

So the ban was not specifically against a religious people but people who live in countries Barack Obama has been basically at war with, meaning there could likely be elements of resentment, revenge and terrorism within such victimized populations.

Moreover few people realize the various ways warfare is carried out in the real world and history (such as by migration patterns completely changing demographic and cultural realities). So the hypocrisy for supposedly intelligent men to claim our borders should be porous and vulnerable for ideological grounds is completely inane and insane.

Rather our real concern should be understood that if this country becomes so tyrannical (which it very could with these Marxists racists and the corruption levels of the deep state) our own citizens would be able to escape “outward” and not facing the equivalent to a Berlin Wall. This is real possibility given the Department of Homeland Security and its 17 agencies have such vast police and surveillance powers and are capable of going or being rogue combined with no more Posse Comitatus Act and the recent militarization of police departments.

The ACLU honcho Anthony Romero sent out an email about three months ago (December 22, 2016) that was revealing. This Executive Director wrote to its members a statement extolling its virtues, key issues of concern, and asking for more donations (as always) with a reference to a recent article written by one of their “own” ACLU’s Senior Policy Analyst, namely Jay Stanley and his article: Fixing Fake News at:

Someone responded to it anonymously, as free speech has been a central issue of concern for a lot of people (especially in these times when more and more systemic war is being waged on free speech here in the United States and all over the world). You can and should check it out at: (or read the copy addendum to this essay).


Yes it was beyond disappointing to report Jay Stanley’s writing on such a highly critical and political issue was: a) shallow, b) uninformed on the deep issues, c) seemingly deliberate or negligently rambling and chaotic, and d) and only at its exhausting end did it reveal the ACLU’s real attitudes about the fake news controversy (and these are not good!) and yes e) it was completely partisan and completely buying into the prejudices being created by the divide and conquer strategy of the Democratic Party and the supposed liberal left (which is not liberal at all these days).

Jay Stanley’s essay is an eye-opener of complete abnegation to real free speech issues of our day, and dismayingly so by a so-called Senior Policy Analyst at the ACLU!

State Legislatures are beginning to try to ‘regulate” what is real versus fake news—yes the often naïve people who have naïve trust in the mainstream media lapdogs are trying to go along with the mainstream media lies. See: California Lawmakers Looking To Make Bad Law Worse By Banning 'False' Political Speech at: and

New York Assemblyman Unveils Bill To Suppress Non-Government-Approved Free Speech by Tyler Durden at:

So it is important to show both the embarrassment of the Jay Stanley letter itself and the response, to provide evidence of the lax and corrupt nature of this lawyerly culture of this current non-profit entity that claims to advocate for free speech for all (as would be in a true democracy) and that is why it is attached to the bottom of this complaint). These people are not even prepared to be a finger in the damn to the onslaught of free speech destruction.

There seems then to be a treasonous nature to the current ACLU leadership that appears to be willing to contribute to the result of actually helping those politicians, mainstream media fake news specialists, and special interest groups kill free speech here in the United States on a partisan basis.

By them simply ignoring how serous are threats now being actively and conspiratorially taken on the Internet, and by giant social media such as Twitter, Facebook and YouTube, to promote censorship is a huge act of sabotage of the 1st Amendment.

The alternative media “alt-media” that mostly exists on the Internet is being censored in “many” ways and the ACLU is very much silent of the subject? This is why the Jay Stanley essay on the subject, which Romero more or less praised, is critical to understand their hypocrisy and arrogant corruption, and how this is leading to police state corruption of our Federal government.

Some argue the Deep State and Democratic Party strategy is to remove Trump with some kind of Continuity of Government martial law reality, and this too seems to be emerging as real conspiracy possibility as well. Meanwhile there is little recognition of what a truly corrupted figure Hilary Clinton was and still is about.

Regardless never has there been a worse time in the last decades regarding the corruption and deceit levels of government and mainstream media (and the deep state).

There are a “variety” of real conspiracies trying to stifle free speech on the Internet and the ACLU is acting as if it is deaf and dumb because the censorship is mostly against the so-called alt-right (really those far more engaged in exposing the truth of the Democratic corruption levels and its alliances with corporate American and the globalist financiers).

Even real progressives like the Sane Progressive Debbie Lusignan are ignored by bigger left-wing media. She, more than anyone, exposes how the Democratic Party stole the nomination from Bernie Sanders; and she exposes the many ways the Democratic Party has become the most corrupt of political parties. And so she too is sidelined and ignored by many. And yet she is a real progressive and shows how Bernie Sanders himself has betrayed the cause as he too is groveling as a tool for the corrupt party and spouting the green slime of Russian interferences.

This then is a bad time in American history to not have a non-profit organization truly dedicated to civil liberties for “all” Americans. This was supposed to have been the role of the ACLU but it is now obvious they have become corrupted to the point of actually reinforcing measures being devised to kill free speech for alternative news sources especially on the Internet. If they were real they would have an entire army focused on these issues.

But to be fair it must be noted the ACLU just came out with an actual legitimate-like activist announcement that the Senate voted to strip away your internet privacy by letting internet corporations sell your personal data. This certainly falls within their legitimate role, and more importantly they at the ACLU realize they are selling all peoples’ (including their own) data, so then they finally get alarmed about something about changes going on in the Internet.

But “if” the subject is censoring opinions on the right that they don’t like, well that is a different matter, as they can and do choose to ignore (equally to their own peril). How could a Jay Stanley rise to a level of Senior Analyst when analysis is beyond his ken?

And it is not just the ACLU that has been infiltrated with political and deceptive aims, other supposedly saintly and non-profit institutions such as Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch too have been infiltrated over the years by political agents, which work like computer infrastructures being infiltrated by various viruses meant to sabotage the integrity of the mission.

AI and HRW too now conspire to emphasize human tragedy that has a political goal for a partisan role (such as the US State Department). Now more and more human rights issues are slanted, and sometimes even lied about, by individual players who supposedly claim to overtly work for human freedoms when even their covert fabrications amount to not just lies but arguments for further human rights violations (such as furthering future war and military attacks).

One example is recent deception by Amnesty International involved in deliberately reporting false allegations on who is behind human rights violations going on in Syria. See: 13,000 Hanged by Syrian Government DEBUNKED (Amnesty International) by TyrannyUnmasked at: See also:

The "Wounded Boy In Orange Seat" - Another Staged "White Helmets" Stunt at:

The Real Syria Story No One Wants You to Know About by Newsbud at:

But what is truly alarming today, this early part of April of 2017 is that there is ANOTHER set of lies about another chemical attack supposedly carried out by Bashar Assad. The rat Benjamin Netanyahu is leading the chorus on this latest attempt of once again getting more U.S. war in Syria. Netanyahu thinks he has Donald Trump under his thumb (being that Trump is so naively “I love Israel” kiss ass).

Worst still, machinations within the White House have just pushed Steve Bannon off the Security Council and it is more and more being run by NeoCon look a-likes and his Jewish son-in-law Jared Kushner (who probably works more for Israel if push comes to shove). See the following references:

Report: Soros-linked group behind chemical attack in Syria: Chemical attack has all the hallmarks of a false flag at:

Psychopath Benjamin Netanyahu: Assad used chemical weapons on Syrian children–again! By Jonas E. Alexis at:

Another Dangerous Rush to Judgment in Syria: Exclusive: The U.S. government and the mainstream media rushed to judgment again, blaming the Syrian government for a new poison-gas attack and ignoring other possibilities, reports Robert Parry at:

Trump Tells Members Of Congress He Is Considering Military Action In Syria by Tyler Durden at:

Here we are again putting the nation of the United States second after Israel’s deceit of exploitation—just like with the war with Iraq, etc.

The United States has no real interest in Syria. It has no legitimate interest in supporting either the Sunnis or the Shiites. This is not putting the priorities of the American people first. Rather this is a dangerous game of taking on Russia, Iran, China and Syria all in one stupid game of irrational politics.

The amount of deceit thrown at the average American is simply unbelievable (and it has been going on for so long it seems normal), and yet we have many naïve and cynical politicians who are trying to create new laws that essentially destroy the meaning of free and unfettered speech.

And it should be clearly understood that “if” the mainstream media is deliberately engaged in another deceitful, disinformation campaign (which it is) to lie to the public that Bashar Assad is killing his own with chemical weapons, and the real purpose is to engage in a war with his reign in order to take him out of power, then this is clearly criminal and immoral behavior by our mainstream media (which is again more of their fake news).

The mainstream media should be identified for what it is—pure and treacherous evil engaged in lying to the entire world—for the purpose of justified more war crimes.

Americans especially come to think that the American media empire is some kind of ally and friend. No industry in history, save politicians, has been allowed such latitude to lie like psychopaths to the very people they pretend to represent.

Recently the approval rating of President Donald Trump has skyrocketed by the mainstream media and editorial pages when he launched 59 missiles into Syria—that is an approval rating that previously was dirt bottom from this same media’s vicious smear campaign against Trump who could do no right.

And who was one of the first and foremost advocates for Bashar Assad’s blaming and punishment? Of course it would be Jarad Kushner’s best friend Benjamin Netanyahu! Read: Psychopath Benjamin Netanyahu: Assad used chemical weapons on Syrian children–again! by Jonas E. Alexis on April 5, 2017 at:

Read this news report from The Forward: Rabbis Urge President Trump To “Act Decisively” In Syria at: It should be obvious that once again the same type of lies accusing Bashar Assad of Syria of war crimes against his own people is being dominated by Zionist aggression (a political movement of aggression that never ends).

Still many alternative websites sources (away from the Zionist domination of mainstream media) have shown the entire narrative that Bashar Assad did it was a complete fabrication. Read: Another Dangerous Rush to Judgment in Syria by Robert Parry at:

People should understand the talking heads of mainstream media (no matter how attractive their blonde female hair or urbane polished their super-imposed humanity) are essentially demonic liars who work for the devil dogs of hell.

Here again they are holding dead children and crying for mercy as false news. But they do not bother to show pictures or close-ups of the children the American empire is responsible for killing (that the media equally played their guilty part). Will they now not demand an investigation into the 59 missile fired at the Shayrat air base near Homs Syria that killed civilians? It is particularly revealing that one so-called fake news sight as described the American political elite as insane, sadistic and malfunctioning. Read: Is Our Political Class Mentally Ill? Sadistic commentators hail death and destruction at:

If you could spiritually de-mask these creatures of CNN, ABC, NBC, etc., for what they truly are they would be scene as worse than hallucinations of a Harry Potter novel—growling, slavering heads of Guantanamo Cerberus dogs viciously threatened prisoners on their knees, or the venomous snakes of Medusa pushing their ugly lies upon demonic lies faster than any Classical Greek hero could sever their never-ending spiels of putrid green slime.

And not only is the Zionist dominated media engaged in an orchestra of lies against the democratically elected leader of Syria, in order to justify more death by advocating for war, it once “again” seems we Americans are being shielded from the real motives as to why Syria seems so important a motive. Dick Cheney and the oil reserves reality too rears its ugly head. Watch this video to realize what we are not being told: The Globalist War Machine is Hungry for Syria (a Timeline) by reallygraceful at:

This is after our country was lied to about our illegal war with Iraq to again find out the real reason we engaged all that war-murder was back room deals for Israel as was revealed by John Mearsheimer and Stephen Walt book. The Israel Lobby and U.S. Foreign Policy.

Moreover, the mainstream media goes along with these serious lies throughout its history, starting with the war with Mexico. Read: THE LIE OF THE (LAST) CENTURY: The Downing Street Memo is only the beginning of the proof we were all lied to by Michael Rivero at:

Nevertheless, they, the powers-that-be, also try to define what is, and what is not, fake news, when those creating such laws are putting the foxes in charge of the hen houses. The last people we want to trust to decide what is and what is not fake news are people who work for the mainstream media (MSM), both corrupt political parties and related institutions—because they who work the MSM, more than any other industry, have been propagating the “most” fake news, and have been doing so for decades. Read: Report: Soros-linked group behind chemical attack in Syria: Chemical attack has all the hallmarks of a false flag at:

Google “operation mockingbird” and you will learn the CIA has been writing a lot of international and national news for a long time. There is plenty on this subject in the Internet (but still just the tip of the iceberg).

So it is a fact people can literally be brainwashed about a lot of events they have been told was truth. And yet even a full and privileged lifespan is seldom enough resource for even gifted minds to understand the extent of current corruption and deceit levels as enculturation (so truly common) to politics and history.

Humanity, as recycling deaths and births, as short intermissions of history, and by its very nature of naiveté and ignorance (cosmically speaking) is easily brainwashed to believe a wide variety of ideas as truths which are not so. It is called enculturation, and history equals a lot of lies that we have been suckered to believe as reality, as there are lies supporting almost any civilization. Read the book: The Corruption of Reality: A Unified Theory of Religion, Hypnosis, and Psychopathology by John F. Schumaker.

The war on free speech has never been greater in contemporary United States. Anti-free speech advocates are trying to create new laws and tactics that limit more and more peoples’ right to free speech and their right to speak publically for themselves (especially when they reveal the corruption of the political status quo and threaten the vicious cycle of tax dollars being wasted for the rich (and the non-profits that take their money and do their bidding)).
One recent example of this reality has been the smearing of free speech libertarian speaker and comedian Milo Yiannopoulos by leftists and feminists all over the country.

Milo’s real mission has been his absolute passion for free speech and for speaking out about the reverse racism and sexism against white men; but his supposed sin is that he hurls insults at ideologies that have been henpecking this nation for decades, such as politically correct hardcore feminism and its attitude of unending intolerance of men and blaming men for practically everything.

He dares to call the dogma out and show that in fact women are privileged in a lot of ways whereas men are discriminated against. Naturally college campuses, which have been dominated by leftist and feminist dogma for decades now are not too happy.

Milo Yiannopoulos was scheduled to give a speech at UC Berkeley a few months ago and it caused all manner of left-wing fascist response included rioting, vandalism and violence. This happened on the very campus once famous for the Free Speech Movement of the 1960s! There was such a fascist response by leftists there that he was not able to proceed with his speech, and instead was scurried away to protect his safety.

And it should be noted, most people, but not all, who attend Milo’s speeches are young, white, college aged men as his message is for white men, who in schools today even more are bombarded with “white guilt” and “white privilege” similar to a few decades ago when it was “white male supremacy” and “white male domination”. He is inviting these young people to stop accepting all the guilt-trips various flavors of the Rainbow Coalitions are trying to blame on white people and especially white men. He is telling them that white men have done much good for the world and the social justice left is just nuts about it.

Leftist socialism lost the debate on economic Marxism after practically every attempt at socialism has failed and created all manner of oppression and exploitation. Of course this does not mean Capitalism is some perfect answer, still leftists have turned to “identity politics” as their way of gaining control over naïve minds. And of course this is one reason why the Donald Trump crowd is so despised because Donald has a lot of white men behind him (but not just white and not just men: he also carried a lot of women votes and various pockets of minority).

In fact the Democratic strategy has been to deliberate create tensions and animosities between the rainbow coalition against white men (especially white gentile or Christian men). The whole idea was to convince blacks, Latinos, Muslims, other minorities, Jews, women of all color, gays of all color and gender, etc. that it was white men who were singularly the enemy. This has been their game plan—to create the prejudice that white men are far more likely to be racist, fascist, ignorant and narrow, resentfully reactionary, etc.

So here comes a supposedly Jewish and gay white male who is not buying all the guilt trip and his name is Milo (although he clearly looks and acts like a WASP especially with his British accent). And Milo is really a noteworthy figure everyone who really cares about free speech should study deeply, such as watching his many speeches found on youtube videos, that is while he is still allowed on the internet, and to buy his new book Dangerous.

If ever there was a canary in the coal mine it is this man. No in fact the coal miner male in charge of the canary is dead (yes it was a man—as men often do the worst of jobs). Do study the contrast from what your own eyes and ears see and hear from your own witness-ship compared to what the hysterical left has portrayed him—and you will also learn a great deal about this divide and conquer strategy being used by the socialist left and the globalists financing the hyper-prejudice against Trump and middle class America (because if the globalists get their way there is not going to be any kind of middle class—just a sliver of rich and a fat mass of poor people).

Another angle of the cultural war on white, gentile men is the fact that the only white opinion you are allowed to have as a gentile is one that is not critical of Jewish power (id est., Jews’ undue influence in this country). People are not free to discuss how much inordinate power and influence Jews have in the United States and in many countries. So if white gentiles criticize the excess of Jewish power, such as AIPAC influence over our foreign policy (that does not even benefit the average American) then again their tactic is to scream “anti-Semitism” and to claim these whites are racist, fascist, etc., and refocus the identity politics blame game to white privilege.

Whereas Jewish white privilege is never mentioned or addressed? And it is certainly greater than so-called white, gentile privilege. Jews dominate in a number of critical arenas such as control of the mainstream media, publishing in general, Hollywood, head many non-profit organizations, and finance (and have enormous influence in schools and in politics). They have enormous wealth in relation to their small percentage of the population. They donate the most to both political parties and garner a lot of political power. So why are they especially fueling the white privilege social justice movement in which it tries to have minorities blame Europeans for everything bad and ugly?

Moreover self-identified, non-profits that claim to identity racist, anti-Semitic, fascist, and terrorist elements in our country, be they individuals or organizations are run by Jews. Zionist funded, nonprofit organizations like the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) claim to be the experts in defining who are racists and extremist groups in this county. Another Zionist-funded organization, namely Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), in tandem with ADL, actually work, in a de facto sense, to create prejudice against white, gentile men who are critical of status quo of our corrupted government, and of Zionist control or influence of America, by stereotyping them as Neo-Nazis, KKKs, terrorists, extremists, white nationalists and crazies, etc. See: SPLC To List White Lives Matter Movement As HATE GROUP at:

What better way than to have both Israelis (they have access to the NSA data) and Zionist counterpart organizations, like Anti-Defamation League (ADL) and Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) spy on so-called white, supremists, as racist groups (their labels)?

Zionist influence within the Department of Homeland Security and the Department of Justice make it their goal to take away these true nationalist patriots’ gun rights, by claiming they are on some arbitrary terror watch list. Yes, serious, these people who most care about the Constitution, the Bill of Rights like the 1st and 2nd Amendments are supposed to be the next line of terrorists after the Muslims (a stereotype also reinforced by Zionist propaganda and blamed mostly on white nationalists).

Apparently they can inform people at the DOJ, FBI and DHS (that equally employ Israelis and Jews) to have their names put on such lists, by way of bogus criteria advocated and pushed by SPLC (all done in secret with little recourse). Anyone the left can label as crazy rural nuts (those who dare challenge the Federal Government’s monopoly on land and power) like ranchers, like the Bundys, having conflicts with the Bureau of Land Management, and who act as Patriots who believe in the Constitution and gun rights they smear as narrow and racist. This is exactly the reverse racist and elitist snobbery of the left.

Read: “Kiss the Founding Fathers, your freedom of speech, religion and due process goodbye” by Sword At-The-Ready, found at:

Just because Jews at the Southern Poverty Law Center say there are “hundreds” of hate groups, we Americans are just supposed to believe them. Surely there is anger and resentment as to what some people could label hatred (look at all the hatred actively acted out against whites and police by George Soros funded groups like Black Lives Matter). See the following references to learn how BLM became a form of reverse racism:

BLM George Soros: Black Lives Matter: Truth and Consequences by Steffan Molyeoux at:

My Thoughts on Black Lives Matter | StateOfDaniel at:

The Truth About The Keith Scott Shooting and Charlotte Riots by Steffan Molyeoux at:

Challenge to Black People (Run the criminals out of your neighborhoods) at:

Exposed! Who’s REALLY Behind Black Lives Matter, Major Meeting On Funding Groups at:

What few people are realizing is that there seems to be a deliberate war against white society and culture. All of this identity politics is playing out all throughout Europe and people are trying to make it illegal to talk about how these forced immigration patterns in wreaking havoc on social systems. There is huge denial in countries like Sweden in which they are not even allowed to discuss the massive crime waves that correspond to migrants flooding their cities. See video: The Endgame Full White Genocide Documentary by Eloheem Son at:

Given all the hatred acted out against Donald Trump supporters (that is seldom reported except to insinuate that such violence was invited by Trump supporters), you would think several groups and people in the rainbow coalition, and on the left, would be labeled extremists by the SPLC? Rather the SPLC itself went so far as to announce that BLM was “not” a hate group!

Meanwhile they would also claim White Lives Matter “WLM” is a hate group? Well certainly such a likely little outfit as WLM is not funded by wealthy Jews like George Soros, and is not advocated for by any major political networks or in the MSM, that is not well connected or educated by consultants and has little money for a lawsuit (so maybe they are not as polished for SPLC standards)?

By far most so-called extremists and extremist groups identified by Southern Poverty Law Center are white gentiles and white groups (but very few if any listed are on the radical left?).

No one can state with certainty what either the so-call alt-right stands for or what many Trump supporters or so-call white nationalists want but an attempt of listing their issues can at least be attempted (and as you read this list ask yourself which of these seem like blatant forms of racism and fascism):

* believe in securing the borders,
* limit who and how many immigrants can enter,
* having voter ID laws (you have to have an ID for welfare, driver’s license, loan, library card, mailing address, buying alcohol, etc.),
* want free speech,
* hate all the political correctness (and anti-free speech gagging under the dangerous slippery slope rubric coined “hate speech” (censorship and emotional protection nanny state),
* want forms of economic protectionism,
* are against globalist and international control of nation states (which is often unaccountable and exploitative and socialist and centralized in nature),
* are sick of all the unethical war interventionism,
* want to fix American infrastructure and spending tax dollars on America’s issues,
* do not want the government changing rules about bathrooms (although they could entertain the idea of a third kind of bathroom for special cases in large institutions like schools)
* do not respect the quality of public school education and teacher union domination (and frankly fear education is becoming more and more PC indoctrination),
* want more good jobs for our economy,
* believe in capitalism (with its flaws)
* want less regulation (but not the anarchism of no laws)
* want less taxes (for persons and corporations) and yet they could do more to make sure the wealthy and the mega corporations pay their fair share
* hate economic Marxism
* hate cultural Marxism and the deliberate prejudice against whites (especially gentiles),
* don’t believe in global warming (they think it either deliberate conspiracy or a delusion) and yet they could do a great deal more to educate the public that the issue is not real (from their point of view) rather than to allow the public to assume the right is just plain insane in ruining the ecological systems,
* many are Christian and do not believe in abortion, lewd TV, lewd movies, lewd pop culture, etc.
* believe in State rights versus centralized power in Washington D.C.,
* many believe in traditional family values which Hollywood does much to demean,
* many do not esteem feminist extremists (and all the guilt trips and lies about how bad women have it),
* support the police and the military (which many on the left do not join or support but create hatred and disrespect),
* and they believe strongly in gun rights.

If you think about it you realize those millions and millions of people who voted for Trump had reasons that were far removed from mostly racist issues. So why cannot lawyers with advanced degrees get it (even if stupid PhDs who teach college cannot)?

The whole concept of “hate speech” (which Zionists especially are trying to rectify in the media and non-profit echo chamber) is a slippery slope to tyranny. It is nothing less than extreme censorship. Social electronic media is using this hammer to kill any message that seems emotionally charged against special “victim classes”.

Anger, resentment, and hatred are just as human as is love, peace and respect. However, there is a substantial difference between feeling animosity, expressing anger vocally, or making boisterous criticism versus engaging in crimes and violence because of such feelings. The crimes are already criminal. Nevertheless several people have openly and publically expressed the idea that Donald Trump should be assassinated—which is a crime—and little to nothing has been done about it. No double standards here?

All of these wars and invasions that we have engaged since 9/11 as a supposed war on Terrorism were not for the benefit of the people of the United States. They were all advocated by the NeoCons (especially interested in furthering Israel’s goals). Not to mention certain groups like investors in the military industrial complex and the banking industry has been getting rich while the average tax payer is worst off. Our country has been exploited and the Democratic Party especially was game to continue this massive form of exploitation and furtherance of destroying our Bill of Rights.

It was not only white, Christian or gentile men who were alienated—rather it was much of the middle class and working class. But the psychological game was to portray a picture of minorities being righteously angry at the Conservatives (even though eight years of black Obama left minorities worse off). The whole game has been a lie.

The Internet allowed for people who are not vetted by the Establishment and by Zionists to have a voice—internet websites like Matt Drudge and Breitbart (where Milo Yiannopoulos worked as an editor along with Steve Bannon—now a key advisor to Donald Trump). Milo could have been offered support when he was denied his free speech rights but he was not.

So it is important to understand the importance of how the left has been trying to smear Milo Yiannopoulos, as a young intellectual with some thoroughbred traits of genius.

What the left and the Democratic Party especially despise, or so it seems, is that the alt-right has several very bright voices speaking out and the truth they tell reflects poorly on the so-called progressives. This is why there is now such a war on free speech by way of the Internet. Mainstream media showed its true and corrupt colors and they went low, very low, and they continue to go even lower and nastier. “When they go low we go high” said Hilary Clinton. No way.

As a comedian Milo Y. sometimes hits a nerve in which one can appreciate the pain of the person or group skewered (but more than often deservedly so). All comedians pretty much make a few mistakes and go a bit too far. But why was Milo so much more despised than many other comedians who say nasty or critical things about other people? It is because there is a lot of truth to what he says and few people have the courage to say these truths publically. Einstein said it best: “Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition”.

Milo is a fascinating young man with a high level of verbal intelligence (as he talks fast with his British accent), a friendly level of humor for people who actually have a capacity for tolerance, and a soul which understands the “most” critical political issue is to be able to freely communicate, especially on serious issues, as relates to survive in a world of not just political incorrectness but political suicide (by induced fear of public attacks to both reputation and physical integrity of violence). Being safe in the United States is no longer an assumed reality.

He equally has an insouciant capacity to be joyously gay while still able to appreciate straight men’s reality who are constantly attacked by the PC police, the Democratic Party, the socialist and Jewish left. As a gay Jew he can say what most white men are not much allowed to say (and this is why he is so much hated by the so-called liberal and progressive left (because they are not liberal nor progressive—at least not those think tanks and political organizations that are funded to constantly create prejudice against white men—Anthony Romero’s ACLU included).

There are so many references to Hitler and Nazis in today’s political scene. The level of prejudice against the middle class and especially the white, middle class is unparalleled to anything we have seen in a long time. Whether it is Breitbart, Steve Bannon, Alex Jones and his crew of high quality news anchors at InfoWars.Com, Matt Drudge, Michael Rivero at WhatReallyHappened.Com etc., the left sees nothing but racists and bigots (and now Russian agents).

And yet it is not just a handful of websites and individuals who have been singled out as unacceptable and in-need of being censored. We now have various “lists” of websites, some comprised of dozens and dozens, which are being arbitrarily labeled fake news (by the real fake news organizations such as the Washington Post). For more on this story read Eric Zuesse’s article: “The Lying Washington Post Gets Exposed, And All Major U.S. ‘News’ Media Refuse to Report It” at:

Now is the time to understand the immense war social media is engaging against websites like Alex Jones’ Infowars.Com as this singular website has been able to countervail so many lies from their decades-long dominance of the mainstream media. YouTube especially in all its conflict of interest backing of Hilary Clinton by manipulating the search results and now with it demanding negative opinions on Infowars is completely unacceptable in a free society.

People are tired of their kind of extremist hyperbole. It was the left that engaged in violence during political protests this last election season. There are numerous examples, and some were actually paid by leftist organizations like MoveOn.Org. The hypocrisy is stunning.

And what is especially amazing is that when Executive Director of the ACLU Anthony Romero was asked to discuss this infringement of Milo’s rights to speak at Berkeley by Tucker Carlson of Fox News Mr. all-star, free speech pretender Anthony Romero declined!! Why? Because he doesn’t give a damn about any part of the right having free speech assumptions!

This incident was before more controversy came out about slanted interpretations coming out, as paid researchers scoured over Milo’s entire past, and some opinions of his came out regarding his earlier experiences as a gay teenager and sexuality—something regarding youth of homosexuality and conventional assumptions about age levels that naturally got blown up as some grand indictment.

But what should stand out is that we have a recent example of actual ACLU practice of free speech being denied, in which you have this young, articulate intellectual and comedian who especially espouses the virtues of free speech, being physically threatened by protesters on a University of California campus, in which there is property damage, riots, and a cancellation of his speaking engagement, as he is rushed off the property for safety, and the head honcho of the ACLU not willing to extend to him (and frankly white men in general if they are for Trump) any recognition of guaranteed right to free speech.

In that interview between Tucker Carlson and Milo Yiannopoulos Tucker said:

“We have guardians of the first amendment, official ones, the ACLU is the leading one historically, we tried to get Anthony Romero the head of it on tonight to talk about this, he refused to come on with us, by the way we tried to the humans rights campaign to come on and talk about this but has anybody from the ACLU or Pan American or any people who claim to represent the first amendment, called you to say “we’re gonna help”?

Milo replied:

“No of course not, of course not because these organizations have almost given themselves over to this particular view of free speech which is a hugely restrictive and which cuts out mainstream, ordinary, conservative opinion…”

See video: Full Transcript: Milo on Tucker Carlson Tonight at:

Yes apparently one staff person at the ACLU advocated a whole friggin tweet for Milo’s free speech!! And we note how very hard the so-called liberal left came down on her for doing so. How noble that at least a tweet got out and how hypocritical is the sham of free speech according to the news fascism of America’s left.

Milo has been on the vanguard cutting edge of trying to save free speech at a time when it is being attacked everywhere around the world. Leaders within the ACLU should be falling over themselves to advance the right for Milo to speak and especially on college campuses in which there are many attempts to impose political correctness at every juncture and too often in the ridiculous of circumstances.

Most people don’t even know how much of a war there is on alternative news in general, that is on the Internet not controlled by six major news organizations that often have the same board members as are corporate board members of banks, oil companies, military industrial complex companies, etc., and these people are now wanting to exclude any voice that does not conform to their un-reality TV.

Google is now flagging “offensive content”!

Get this—politics by nature is offensive, it always has been. Where does google then fit into the Constitution and the Bill of Rights?

Twitter bans accounts that are political (not all of course as those who are leftist are safe). Major censorship on the Internet is happening like wild fire while blatant lies are allowed especially from the Democratic Party and mainstream media like the shrill Raging Mad Cow.

The same with YouTube, Facebook (fascist-book or fake-book). They are all involved in censoring political alt-right commentators they do not like.

Not to mention the mainstream media did almost nothing to allow Green Party Jill Stein any air time as she was surely a worthy candidate with a mostly sane agenda (a bit too socialists but still an intelligent heart). The media slapped her down as for a liar and criminal called Hilary Clinton.

Read the essay: “Correcting the Record on ‘Media Matters’” at AltRight.Com:

The questionable James Comey of the FBI, are investigating people and websites on the alt-right for phony allegations of conspiring with the Russians in order to have an excuse to shut them down.

These attacks on free speech, on guns, on freedom in general has NEVER been greater, and yet when ACLU members get the latest mailing it has “FREE SPEECH”, “THE RIGHT TO DISSENT”, “FREEDOM OF THE PRESS” printed all over the mailing envelop (in March of 2017) and yet the letter by Anthony Romero states the ACLU goals include (rephrased but basically the same):

• Protecting Muslims and religious minorities (but no mention of Christians).
• Protecting people of color from police violence or activist facing harassment (but no mention of how many Trump fans were beaten and attacked by anti-Trump haters)
• Strong stance in defense of journalists (but not Milo Y. and the silent majority who pay for much of the welfare the immigrants acquire).
• Defend peoples’ right to free speech when corporations seek to silence individuals (and yet corporations are making a mountain out of a molehill if their ads appear on websites that seem offensive—meaning hostile to their own presumptions).
• Taking action against peaceful protesters facing government surveillance (what about violent protesters who are not appropriately identified but the media spins as caused by the right when the truth is the left was the perpetrator).

And note nothing about white Americans who are actual citizens (who are the brunt of those who donate and belong to the ACLU). Nothing about war against independent Internet news be it leftists, rightwing, libertarian, independent, etc.?

People you need to understand “all” institutions in this country have become corrupted.

The ACLU is not an organization that cares a bit about the traditional American, especially if he or she is of Anglo Saxon origin. ACLU has become a reverse racist fifth rail. It is a scam and worst. To think the ACLU deserves any tax free donations from anybody is now beyond belief. This institution, like the dinosaur and lying mainstream media, needs to die because it actually does more harm than good.


James Justice

[Note: If you feel this essay is important then please take the initiative to publish (permission granted) share, tweet, email, discuss, etc., as this message is very important. You have a duty to yourself and those you care about to help preserve your American rights.]

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