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Researching Islamic Terrorism in Europe.

category international | rights, freedoms and repression | opinion/analysis author Thursday February 15, 2018 00:55author by Anthony Ravlich - Human Rights Council (New Zealand) Report this post to the editors

Saving Western civilization and global freedom.

Saving Western civilization and global freedom. I am seeking funding to research Islamic terrorism in Europe. My recent book describes aspects that require further research e.g. on 10 Dec 2008 the UN extended the domain of secularism to cover the whole Universal Declaration. I the chapter on Bangladesh I show how this certainly appear to lead to an enormous eruption of violence by Muslim extremists. This indicates that the UN's decision may have led to a increase in Islamic terrorism globally but requires further research.

Researching Islamic Terrorism in Europe.

Anthony Ravlich Human Rights Author, Activist (26yrs)
Human Rights Council (New Zealand)
10D/15 City Rd.
Auckland City.
Ph: (0064) (09) 940.9658

I am seeking to research Islamic terrorism in Europe but would require funding ($NZ20,000) to travel to Europe.

I look forward to the opportunity of furthering my human rights development.
My publisher, American Academic Press, has asked me to send the full manuscript for review when I have finished. However, I have yet to make the project my duty as it is depends on my getting the funding.

The full amount or a contribution can be deposited, anonymously if preferred, in my Westpac Account: (ph (0064) (09) 940.9658 or email for account number).

As well as finding a new human rights plan for the world, ethical human rights, I began seeking the truth in 1984 when New Zealand adopted neoliberalism and I strongly believe I found what I was looking for (see my book below).

In my book I use the Universal Declaration, which the UN and States often claim as their authority, to hold the UN and countries to account and found that States were crippling their populations by eliminating creativity which requires a domain of freedom. As a consequence it is far less likely leadership would be held to account.

My book also describes the creation of a new globally dominant ideology, neoliberal absolutism (see below), which resulted in a major rebalance of global ideological and economic power from the West to the Rest. I consider global freedom, including the West, has been determined for decline.

In my view, neoliberal absolutism was the real cause of the global financial crisis 2008 which had its major impact on the Europe Union.

My Ebook can be read for free. My book, 'Ethical Human Rights: Freedom's Great Hope' (American Academic Press, 2017). Ebook link provided by my publishers:

The above book follows on from my previous book, ‘Freedom from our social prisons: the rise of economic, social and cultural rights’ (Lexington Books, 2008) which first described the ethical approach to human rights as well as the discussions at the UN on the Optional Protocol to the International Covenant on Economic, Social and cultural Rights from 2004 t0 2008 which, in my view, led to the creation of a new globally dominant ideology. I call the latter neoliberal absolutism. It certainly appears to sanction a one world government but I consider it ‘evil’ because, in my view, people will not be able to think for themselves or even have a conscience of their own.

Put simply, ethical human rights requires that all should have, at least, all the core minimums of the human rights in the Universal Declaration.

It received remarkable support on the internet e.g. US State Department, Open Democracy Initiative of the White House, even the United Nations and many others such as Save the Children (US). However, the mainstream media have refused to report it so the democratic majority have not been informed. It certainly seems that attachment to ideology prevents these authorities from giving ethical human rights a higher profile while there is no assurance that the fake mainstream media would report it.

Where I differ from the global establishment is that unlike the latter I am not controlled by ideology but rather my belief in ethical human rights is firmly based on universal human rights truth as in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. As a consequence I consider I am much more likely to arrive at the truth rather than being subject to ideology which favours the interests of the status quo.

Also, I have differed from the global establishment because in 1991 I adopted a duty to inform people of important human rights truths and continue to do so. Whereas members of the establishment have no such duty.

Furthermore George Orwell (1946) in his article, ‘The Prevention of Literature’ stated that ‘a bought mind is a spoiled mind’. Again, where I differed from the establishment is that all my work has been done in poverty but researching Islamic terrorism requires funding so I can travel to Europe.

There are aspects related to Islamic terrorism described in my latest book which I would like to further explore in Europe where I would travel to areas known as breeding grounds for terrorists, interview Imams (Islamic spiritual leaders) as well as visiting relevant authorities:


Based on my research findings in my recent book I wish to test the hypothesis that there has been an increase in global Islamic terrorism because of the decisions made at the United Nations behind closed doors on 10 Dec 2008.

For example, from my research secularism was extended to cover the whole Universal Declaration of Human Rights. In my chapter on Bangladesh I show how shortly afterwards the Awami League Government implemented a secular plan for the country which certainly appeared to result in an enormous eruption of violence by Muslim extremists who are anti-secular. Sporadic violence is on-going.

America and to some extent the American camp at the UN e.g. Canada, Britain, Australia and Japan, opposed extending the domain of secularism but it certainly appears the Muslim dominated countries supported it. However, the Muslim extremists would not know about this because the mainstream media did not inform people. Rather the Muslim extremists seem to blame the West.

It could well be that the UN decisions have increased Islamic terrorism globally and this needs to be researched although I will be focusing on the European Union.

The global establishment will neither confirm or deny my research findings which are all verifiable by any reasonably intelligent person. I think I have been blacklisted and almost surely I am before my time.

United Nations

Furthermore, my book in the chapter on the United Nations reveals the existence of a UN ‘hidden’ collectivist agenda which promotes totalitarianism, repressive States and political Islam.

The UN’s ‘hidden’ collectivist agenda exists because a number of human rights have been omitted from international human rights law which is meant to reflect the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

The relevant human rights concerning creativity which were omitted are described in detail in chapter one of my book e.g. the global cultural cleansing of individual self-determination i.e. the seeking of truth, hopes and dreams, and replacing growth based on creativity with growth based on exploitation.

The omissions constitute major violation of the Universal declaration while States have violated the UN Charter which requires them to uphold the Universal Declaration. In my book I recommend that the West boycotts the UN until its ‘hidden’ collectivist agenda is removed.

The ‘hidden’ collectivist agenda led to the creation of a new globally dominant ideology, which I call neoliberal absolutism, a totalitarianism far more extreme than neoliberalism, which I regard as ‘evil’ because, in my view, people would not be able to think for themselves or even have a conscience of their own.

Both ideologies achieve their control by, in varying degrees, crippling their populations of creativity such that it would be almost impossible to hold the leadership to account.

America and the American camp opposed neoliberal absolutism while Muslim dominated countries certainly appeared to support it.

Muslims concerned about the backwardness of their countries need to be made aware of the decisions of their leadership.

Left so-called liberals

It is the left so-called liberals who drive the UN’s ‘hidden’ collectivist agenda domestically and so promote the Islamization of the West. This needs to be made public but very hard to do so when the left so-called liberals control the mainstream media.

However, in addition to a book, you tube videos are a possibility.

While the UN’s ‘hidden’ collectivist agenda is the decision of the considerably majority of States in the UN General Assembly it driven by left so-called liberals who dominate the UN and EU bureaucracy as well as being the dominant elite domestically.

As described in my book, these left so-called liberals are a social class who think collectively and have a totalitarian mind-set and invariably seek virtual total control over the population. I consider the left so-called liberals are like minded with totalitarian and repressive States and cultures such as the Muslim dominated countries.

They could be described as a closed group monopoly, seemingly incapable of self-reflection, and who project their own failings onto their opposition e.g. fascist, indoctrinated.

The left so-called liberals are very different from the real liberals who existed prior to the onset on neoliberalism in the late 1970s. For example, while real liberals believe in individual freedom of thought, conscience and expression the left so-called liberals believe in collective thought, conscience and expression (the fake mainstream media provides their collective voice).

In my view, domestically the States non-discrimination laws should also prohibit discrimination on the grounds of social class which should remove the left so-called liberals from their dominant position.

Peaceful Jihad

My chapter on Bangladesh shows how a violent jihad can be replaced by a peaceful jihad by providing a greater voice for religious groups in the public domain. Also, in my view, the poor should have a voice of their own in the mainstream media so they can influence the democratic majority.

The ethical human rights I promote is described in great detail in both my books. It is secular but based on universal human rights truth as in the Universal Declaration whereas secularism as presently practiced in the West is based on ideology.

Religious political parties, including Islamic parties, by adopting ethical human rights as their ethical base could use the democratic process to gain a greater voice in the public domain i.e. exercise a peaceful jihad.

Ethical human rights is religion friendly because universal human rights truth, for all, can be regarded as reflective of God’s absolute universal truth whereas ideology, largely for elites, cannot. This view is supported by the fact that universal human rights truth virtually equates with the Golden Rule (i.e. ‘do unto others as you would have them do unto you’) which is espoused by the major religions including Islam.

Also, in my personal experience, I have found that not compromising my universal beliefs keeps me in contact with the divine or eternal not common in a world where there are many gods to choose from.

Education in ethical human rights would enable Muslims to better promote their religion in the public domain, enable them to assimilate better into a human rights culture, and also enable them to challenge their own leadership.

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