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Confirmed: Murderous, Child-Abusing, Freemason Sadists Run The World's Police Departments

category international | rights, freedoms and repression | opinion/analysis author Wednesday June 23, 2021 18:19author by Gary Jordan - NAauthor email thecovid19illusion at protonmail dot com Report this post to the editors

And You Pay For It

The Infiltration of the Police by Masons

We can’t say we didn’t warn you’ is the only thing left to be said by the small section of society that has been cruelly demonized and mercilessly ridiculed throughout the years for their ‘conspiracy theories’. As we slide deeper and deeper into a black cesspit of tyranny with militarized policing, quarantine camps, permanent lockdowns, Transhumanism, mandatory vaccinations and mass depopulation on the horizon, the prescience of those who foretold what we are now experiencing is no longer up for debate.

At the forefront of the correctly predicted dystopia, willfully enforcing the wishes of the depraved elites on their fellow man, is an army of thugs in uniform, wielding badges of dishonour, as they disgrace themselves with indignity more and more as each day passes. They too, of course, have been the subject of the occasional ‘conspiracy theory’ and, like with all the others, these same theories are quickly becoming ‘conspiracy facts’.

Last week, the usual suspects of the bought-and-paid-for mainstream media, as always, indulged in lies by omission when they reported on the recent investigation into the murder of private investigator, Daniel Morgan. For those of us who have delved deep enough into the report, we soon discovered the real news hidden amongst the multitude of pages. However, this was barely given an iota of coverage by the presstitutes. The majority of the media script readers followed their lines obediently as per usual. They announced that the report findings showed that there was a decades-long history of institutionalized police corruption in the UK, which still exists today.

They may as well have told us that rain is wet. Stating the obvious and moving swiftly along, they failed to tell the real story in full - one that would yet again prove the ‘conspiracy theorists’ right.

Thirty-fours years of lies surround the homicide investigation of Daniel Morgan. A father of two children, he was murdered on the 10th of March 1987 in the parking area of a pub in South East London, after been attacked and viciously stabbed with an axe. To this day, no one has ever been convicted of the murder.

Prior to his death, he ran a private investigation business with his partner - a man by the name of Jonathan Rees. Many of their investigations were carried out on behalf of the now-defunct, scandal-ridden British newspaper, the News of the World. In 1988, a witness named Kevin Lennon came forward to disclose information as part of an inquest into the murder. He claimed that he had been approached by Rees, who spoke of his intention to have Morgan murdered. Lennon also stated that Rees had advised him that he was sure Metropolitan Police (personnel from Catford Police Station specifically) would be able to do so or could have it arranged. Mentioned in his conversation with Rees, according to Lennon was a man by the name of Sid Fillery, a paedophile detective who, many years after the death of Morgan, was arrested for possessing child pornography images. At the time, it was claimed that Fillery was aware that Morgan was going to be murdered and that Rees had planned to bring him in as Morgan’s replacement in their business This would be made possible once Morgan was killed and Fillery had retired from the police and is exactly what came to fruition.

There has been much evidence since the mid-1980s that Daniel Morgan was involved in an investigation into corruption within the Metropolitan Police. It is believed that he had intended to report on this corruption and divulge all his findings to the media. This has been confirmed by Morgan’s family. Despite this, the five investigations which have been carried out since 1987, although having resulted in over 60 arrests, failed to bring Morgan’s killers to justice. The most recent investigation was in essence, an inquest into the findings of the previous five reports. This time around, it was admitted that all prior inquiries were mired in corruption and indicated the presence of a large scale cover-up on behalf of the people who killed Morgan.

However, what was most revealing in the report was the acknowledgement of the presence of Freemasonic influence in the Morgan case. Detective Sergeant Sid Fillery was a Freemason and became Master of two different Lodges in 1992 and 1993. As well as him, ten other police officers who were involved, at various points throughout the years, in the investigations were also Freemasons. In the report it is stated that;

“The possible impact of relevant police officers’ membership of Freemasons and their consequential Masonic loyalties, has been a cause of suspicion and distrust by those investigating the murder of Daniel Morgan. Membership of the Freemasons requires the swearing of solemn oaths, on pain of death if breached, of secrecy and obedience to the mysteries of Freemasonry.”

It goes on;

“The police officer whose death by suicide was thought by some to be linked to the murder of Daniel Morgan, DC Alan Holmes was the Master of his Lodge….Commander Adams described himself as ‘a lapsed member’ of the Freemasons. DC Holmes left a suicide note which stated among other things that ‘I have been forced to inform on a CID Police Commander’. By some this was construed as referring to his Freemason’s oath…..”

In regards to Jonathan Rees, the reports states;

“When in 1988 Jonathan Rees made a complaint against D/Supt Douglas Campbell and other police officers involved in the original investigation into the murder of Daniel Morgan, D/Supt Campbell was told that Jonathan Rees’s complaint against him was being financed by ‘Police Officers with Masonic connections’. Jonathan Rees was questioned about this in March 1988. He did not respond to the questions put to him. Jonathan Rees was initiated into the Freemasons on 20th November 1991.”

It also refers to the testimony of a police officer in a prior investigation who stated;

“It was well known that membership to the masons was rife in the police especially in the CID. Sid and DCI Wallis were masons. Sid held a higher position in the same lodge as DCI Wallis. Later on in my career when Sid had actually left the police he got me to drive him to a lodge meeting where I remember seeing a lot of police officers. They appeared to still show Sid respect even after the murder of Daniel Morgan.”

Further testimony was given by a former police officer who said;

“The corruption of Freemasonry influenced every attempt at seeking the truth in the initial Morgan criminal investigation and subsequent enquiries.”

The same officer reported that Morgan’s case was not the only one in which Mason’s protected each other as per their oath;

“the adverse influence of Freemasonry on Operation Countryman, about prosecuted police officers’ associations with criminals and about officers who were protected by Freemasonry during investigations conducted in Operation Countryman…..(investigations) were alleged by some to have been obstructed and flawed.”

Indeed, you would have heard all of this reported in detail on your TV sets by the mainstream media if that same media was not controlled by the very network I write of, which ‘requires the swearing of solemn oaths, on pain of death if breached’. Therefore it is recommended that you read the full report for yourself, as it highlights the extremely deep levels of influence that Freemasonry has on British policing - not just in regards to the Morgan case, but in general. Undoubtedly, this same sinister influence is still present today, as it is in every other nation’s police force. Although the admission of such influence in policing is significant, it is not unprecedented.

In 2017, Steven White, Chair of the Police Federation, spoke out in public against the obstruction of police reform that was undertaken by Freemasonic officers. He stated that the Secret Society members were preventing the group from progressing and had deliberately blocked all attempts to straighten out the force and rectify problematic issues. It was suggested by him that all officers involved in the sect must declare their affiliation. To this day no such rule exists, although, there is a voluntary register which was set up in 1999 for Freemasons who choose to record their membership officially. Few do.

UK-based newspaper, The Guardian, covered the Masonic infiltration of the British police force in January 29th 1997 and published a photograph showing a large gathering of British policemen in their Freemason garb. The photo, which was leaked to them courtesy of a non-Masonic officer, showed approximately 60 men from a Lodge known as the Manor of St. James - some of them known to be holding, at the time, the most powerful positions in the force. The Guardian had been investigating the Lodge secretively and witnessed one of their rituals, in which a serving member of the police force was being initiated into the group. They described the event as follows;

“On Monday of this week, a Guardian photographer caught dozens of former and serving police officers as they made their way through the crowded pavements of St James’s Street, off Picadilly. Wearing dinner jackets and carrying their Masonic regalia in flat black brief cases, they converged on number 86, an imposing sandstone building which looks like any of the gentleman’s clubs around the corner, in Pall Mall, but which is in fact the site of a Masonic temple. Inside, they gathered to hold their annual ritual to install a London policeman as the new master of the lodge, to elect other police officers as their stewards, tylers and almoners, and to consider the names of prospective new members, all of them drawn from the past and present ranks of the Metropolitan Police, all of them willing to be blindfolded with a noose around their neck and a dagger to their heart while they are warned that if they break their vows of secrecy and loyalty, they will have their throats cut and their tongues torn out by the root. And then, until late into the night, they dined together.”

The article also goes on to give an example of the deceptive, underhandedness of the Secret Society, the criminal acts they carry out and it demonstrates how they watch each others backs to the detriment of their victims. The common illusion, held by many, that the Freemasons are a benevolent and charitable outfit with only the good intentions of the community in mind should be shattered when we read reports such as this one:

“This story began one night in 1988 when two Leicester businessmen were taking a late-night drink in a hotel in Blackburn. A group of burly strangers in dinner jackets ordered them out of the bar. The Leicester men declined to go. The strangers then announced that they were policemen and proceeded to beat them up. They then called other police who arrested the two Leicester men and charged them with assaulting police officers. When the Leicester men were released on bail the next morning, they found that the hotel manager had seized their belongings until they agreed to pay for damage caused by the fight and that someone had let all the air out of their car tyres and removed their hub caps. The Blackburn police and Crown prosecutors pursued the case to court, where the two Leicester men faced substantial jail sentences for allegedly assaulting policemen. But the case fell apart. The jury rejected all of the police evidence and found that the Leicester businessmen were not guilty of any offence at all. The judge signalled his own view by taking the unusual step of ordering that the defendants’ costs should be paid out of the public purse. The two men then sued for assault, wrongful arrest, malicious prosecution, conspiracy to injure and libel. In an out-of-court settlement, they were awarded £170,000, most of which was paid on behalf of the policemen by the Lancashire force. Martin Short told the Select Committee that freemasonry was at the heart of this case. The two Leicester men had stumbled into the tail-end of a Masonic event, a dinner organised by the Victory lodge of Blackburn. This lodge, said Short, is dominated by police officers: the policemen who were involved in the original fight, the officer who subsequently investigated the incident, a senior official in the Crown Prosecution office which handled the case, and the manager of the hotel where the dinner took place were all members of the Victory lodge.”

This is how the Freemasons in British policing conduct their business. Loyalty to their fellow cult member supersedes any loyalty to the public who pay their salaries. Whereas no doubt, there are many members of Masonic organisations worldwide who never ascend the ladder high enough to experience its true nature and thus believe themselves to be part of a simple, harmless fraternity, there has been enough evidence throughout the centuries to suggest that the entire concept of Masonry is based on evil, malice and deception. The very fact that they only allow people in positions of power and authority and those of a higher socio-economic class is proof that they are discriminatory and prejudice. The knowledge that their rituals are born out of occult practices, with promises of torture and murder for those who betray them, is enough to tell us that what we are dealing with is a deplorable sect.

They have confirmed this through harassing, persecuting and often murdering those who try to show them up for what they truly are and they have done this for hundreds, perhaps thousands, of years. A case in point is that of a New York stoneworker named William Morgan. 150 years before the Freemasons murdered Daniel Morgan, they set their sights on William. Like Daniel in the late 1980s, William’s only crime was his attempt to expose the cult for the criminals that they were. He infiltrated their Secret Society and planned on revealing his findings to the public on a wide scale by publishing a book. In their desperation, they hounded him and persecuted his family. When this failed to deter him, they used their powerful connections in law enforcement to have him arrested and jailed. But, this was not enough. Fearing his book would still be published and that their secrets were about to be revealed, the Masons had him kidnapped and he disappeared, never to be seen again. This happened in 1826.

Their crimes are still happening today. All with the backing and support of the government agencies they have infested.

And what were the Freemasons worried that both William, and later Daniel Morgan would expose? Manly P. Hall was a a 33° Mason, the highest honour conferred by the Supreme Council of the Scottish Rite. In his very own words, he confirmed what Freemasonry was truly all about. He wrote;

“When the Mason learns that the key to the warrior on the block is the proper application of the dynamo of living power, he has learned the mastery of his craft. The seething energies of Lucifer are in his hands and before he may step onward and upward, he must prove his ability to properly apply energy. He must follow in the footsteps of his forefather, Tubal-Cain, who with the mighty strength of the war god hammered his sword into a ploughshare.”

In short, Freemasonry represents pure evil. What police department can affiliate themselves with a Luciferian cult that vows to cut the tongue out of someone's mouth and to slit their throat? One who follows the evil ways represented by Cain of the Old Testament? The answer unfortunately is all of them; every police department worldwide - the same law enforcement agencies that people believe are here to protect them.

Freemasonry is a vile, deeply grotesque, nefarious cult shrouded in secrecy and it has been connected with some of the world’s most horrific atrocities. The P2 Masonic Lodge in Italy was the centre for Operation Gladio in which innocent people were violently killed in false-flag terrorist attacks. The P7 Lodge in Belgium was the centre of a dark, sinister sect that was linked to the grisly child murders of Marc Dutroux.

In 1884, Pope Leo XIII recognised this evil. He wrote of Freemasonry in an encyclical, known as Humanum Genus, addressed to the people of Italy. He summed up the activities of the cult perfectly when he wrote;

“ be enrolled, it is necessary that the candidates promise and undertake to be thenceforward strictly obedient to their leaders and masters with the utmost submission and fidelity, and to be in readiness to do their bidding upon the slightest expression of their will; or, if disobedient, to submit to the direst penalties and even death itself...As a fact, if any are judged to have betrayed the doings of the sect or to have resisted commands given, punishment is inflicted on them not infrequently, and with so much audacity and dexterity that the assassin very often escapes the detection and penalty of his crime…But what is most disastrous is, that wherever it has set its foot it has penetrated into all ranks and departments of the commonwealth, driven by the hope of obtaining, at last, supreme control…its followers, joined together by a wicked compact and by secret counsels, give help one to another and excite one another to an audacity for evil things…The utter overthrow of that whole religious and political order of the world which the Christian teaching has produced, and the substitution of a new state of things in accordance with their ideas…”

With police departments infiltrated and led by this pure evil, is it any wonder that we have been subjected to clips showing acts of terror waged on the public by police forces across the world, as we slide into what Pope Leo XIII called the 'new state of things' (read: New Normal)?

Is it surprising that we see gangs of hoodlums in uniform pounce on children on the streets of the UK?

Is it any wonder we have had to watch elderly ladies been knocked to the ground and young women being assaulted by vicious badge-wielding yobbos in Germany?

Is it a surprise that we see sadistic, demented police officers in the USA enter schools to perversely abuse small children - attempt to restrain them using cuffs that won't even fit their tiny hands; act out closeted sadistic paedophile fantasies as they verbally and psychologically torture children; publicly grope and strip-search children?

Is it surprising that heartless, lazy pigs in Ireland's farcical police force would wilfully ignore the desperate calls of children and women suffering domestic violence, deliberately suspending emergency services?

No. These police departments are run and controlled by Satanic, Luciferian, deranged, evil, Masonic, paedophile vermin who want to make life a living hell for subjugated non-Masons. These people are deeply ill, mentally unstable and sick. They are murderous, child-abusing, Freemason sadists and they are in charge of policing in your towns and cities - paid for by your taxes. This sewer, masquerading as law enforcement, needs to be drained and it is our duty to see to it that our police departments are no longer infected with this demonic, malignant poison.

Gary Jordan

Author - The COVID-19 Illusion; A Cacophony of Lies

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