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offsite link The Wholesome Photo of the Month Thu May 09, 2024 11:01 | Anti-Empire

offsite link In 3 War Years Russia Will Have Spent $3... Thu May 09, 2024 02:17 | Anti-Empire

offsite link UK Sending Missiles to Be Fired Into Rus... Tue May 07, 2024 14:17 | Marko Marjanović

offsite link US Gives Weapons to Taiwan for Free, The... Fri May 03, 2024 03:55 | Anti-Empire

offsite link Russia Has 17 Percent More Defense Jobs ... Tue Apr 30, 2024 11:56 | Marko Marjanović

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The Saker
A bird's eye view of the vineyard

offsite link Alternative Copy of thesaker.is site is available Thu May 25, 2023 14:38 | Ice-Saker-V6bKu3nz
Alternative site: https://thesaker.si/saker-a... Site was created using the downloads provided Regards Herb

offsite link The Saker blog is now frozen Tue Feb 28, 2023 23:55 | The Saker
Dear friends As I have previously announced, we are now “freezing” the blog.  We are also making archives of the blog available for free download in various formats (see below). 

offsite link What do you make of the Russia and China Partnership? Tue Feb 28, 2023 16:26 | The Saker
by Mr. Allen for the Saker blog Over the last few years, we hear leaders from both Russia and China pronouncing that they have formed a relationship where there are

offsite link Moveable Feast Cafe 2023/02/27 ? Open Thread Mon Feb 27, 2023 19:00 | cafe-uploader
2023/02/27 19:00:02Welcome to the ‘Moveable Feast Cafe’. The ‘Moveable Feast’ is an open thread where readers can post wide ranging observations, articles, rants, off topic and have animate discussions of

offsite link The stage is set for Hybrid World War III Mon Feb 27, 2023 15:50 | The Saker
Pepe Escobar for the Saker blog A powerful feeling rhythms your skin and drums up your soul as you?re immersed in a long walk under persistent snow flurries, pinpointed by

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Public Inquiry
Interested in maladministration. Estd. 2005

offsite link RTEs Sarah McInerney ? Fianna Fail supporter? Anthony

offsite link Joe Duffy is dishonest and untrustworthy Anthony

offsite link Robert Watt complaint: Time for decision by SIPO Anthony

offsite link RTE in breach of its own editorial principles Anthony

offsite link Waiting for SIPO Anthony

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Voltaire Network
Voltaire, international edition

offsite link Voltaire, International Newsletter N°93 Fri Jun 28, 2024 14:49 | en

offsite link Will Israel succeed in attacking Lebanon and pushing the United States to nuke I... Fri Jun 28, 2024 14:40 | en

offsite link Will Netanyahu launch tactical nuclear bombs (sic) against Hezbollah, with US su... Thu Jun 27, 2024 12:09 | en

offsite link Will Israel provoke a cataclysm?, by Thierry Meyssan Tue Jun 25, 2024 06:59 | en

offsite link Voltaire, International Newsletter N°92 Fri Jun 21, 2024 14:51 | en

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Covid Links

This page lists some of the websites that are carrying out real science and debunking the mainstream narrative of Covid-19 which stands for Certification Of Vaccination Identification.

The list below is not by any means complete so if you are aware of a website that you think should be listed here, then contact us via the contact form and a link to the site.

See also Covid_videos | Vaccine Deaths | Vaccine Inuries & Cures | Covid Resources

If you know of any interesting website that is help in the battle against this Covid deception please let us know. Use the contact form. For Telegram channels you may need to download the App to view properly and to join or post to them

Please note:“If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.”
Joseph Goebbels

Indymedia does not necessarily endorse these campaigns and the content of these other sites is a matter of concern to those involved. Note: It may not be possible to view some telegram channels through a web browser in which case you will need to download the app, install it and view the channels that way.

Covid-19 Alternative Viewpoints and News

IMPORTANT: Thailand study of young adults post jab showed nearly 30% with cardiovascular injuries
https://stevekirsch.substack.com/p/vaccine-adverse-reaction-articles Links to more than 1250 peer reviewed studies in scientific journals documenting harmful or fatal side effects from the coronavirus vaccines.

https://www.americaoutloud.com/the-mccullough-report/ -Dr Peter McCullough Report Podcast
https://rwMaloneMD.substack.com/ -Substack for Dr Robert Malone inventor of mRNA technology
See also https://www.sunfellow.com/dr-robert-malone-cdc-purposely-under-reporting-and-editing-adverse-affects-of-covid-vaccines/ - Sun Fellows - Dr Robert Malone Resources Page
https://docmalik.com/ - Dr Ahmad Malik Podcast -ex surgeon cancelled by the system for speaking out
https://twitter.com/FatEmperor/ -Ivor Cummins Twitter Does some of the best analysis of data
https://t.me/FatEmperor -Ivor Cummins Telegram
https://CovidRecovery.ie/ -Covid Recovery A Scientific Approach. Our goal is to bring objectivity and balance to the discussion around management of the COVID19 Pandemic.
https://nzdsos.com/ - New Zealand Doctors Speaking Out With Science
https://theFatEmperor.com/blog/ -The Fat Emperor -Ivor Cummins Website
https://thefatemperor.com/scientific-analyses-and-papers-on-lockdown-effectiveness/ -Scientific Analyses and Papers on Lockdown Effectiveness
https://infto.ie/ -See the Nurses Testimonies from the Irish Nurses for Transparency and Openness
https://www.ukcolumn.org -UK Column
https://www.ukcolumn.org/article/covid-19-hoax -UK Column: Is COVID-19 A Hoax?
https://t.me/ReinerFuellmichEnglish -Telegram of the German Lawyer Reiner Fuellmich who is taking a Nurenberg crimes type legal case.
https://renz-law.com/ -Renz Law
https://www.anti-empire.com/ -Doing lots of articles asking questions about Covid-19 crisis

https://t.me/s/hfireland/ HealthFreedomIreland Telegram Channel
https://linktr.ee/informedconsentireland -Informed Consent Ireland website
https://t.me/joinchat/COSJTHOBG20zNjEO - Help End Masks in School Telegram Channel. You need to download the Telegram App to join. Can be contacted at: teenheard@protonmail.com
https://twitter.com/TeenHeard -TeenHeard on Twitter
https://TeenHeard.ie/ -TeenHeard.ie website. TeenHeard (Herd) believes there should be an end to mask wearing for our secondary school students. Masks don’t work and are very harmful to our children’s physical and mental health. Asymptomatic spreading is a myth!!!
https://t.me/s/informedconsentireland/ Informed Consent Ireland Telegram Channel
https://www.facebook.com/traceyomahonygalway -Tracey O'Mahoney -Barrister who is fighting against our loss of freedoms
https://www.facebook.com/Tracey-O-Mahony-Legal-Barrister-Founder-of-ICHR-100922115815436 -New page for Tracey O'Mahoney as above page was removed by Facebook
https://twitter.com/TraceyOMahony81 -Tracey O'Mahoney on Twitter
https://t.me/TraceyOMahony -Tracey O'Mahoney on Telegram
https://vaccine-police.com/ -Vaccine Police serving papers on those pushing these dangerous vaccines
https://gript.ie/ -One of the few news sites in Ireland actually reporting the truth
https://theIrishSentinel.com/ -see especially this shocking report
Global Time Bomb” First case of postmortem study of patient vaccinated against SARS-CoV-2; “viral RNA found in every organ of the body
https://irelandMandateFree.substack.com/ -Mandate Free Ireland -A World where Vaccine Mandates don't exist. By The West's Awake
http://medicalcrisisdeclaration.com/ - Medical Crisis Declaration
http://www.FreePress.ie and their Telegram channel https://t.me/shop224TEES
http://BringBackNormal.ie -Bring Back Normal Ireland
https://mycompass.ie/ -Database of online business which will not discriminate against unvaxed
https://CitizenJournos.com/ -Citizen Journalists - Doing the job of corporate journalists
https://WestAwake.substack.com/ -The West's Awake -substack site
https://t.me/thewestsawake -The Wests Awake Telegram
http://www.ReclaimIreland.ie/ Reclaim Ireland website https://t.me/ReclaimIreland Telegram
https://thevigilantfox.substack.com/ - The Vigilant Fox and on Telegram https://t.me/VigilantFox

https://TheIrishInquiry.com/ -See their The Healthy Debate video series
https://t.me/TheIrishInquiry -Irish Inquiry Telegram
https://delingpole.podbean.com/ James Delingpod podcasts -has interviewed many doctors and analysts.
https://rumble.com/search/video?q=The%20AJ%20Roberts%20Show -The AJ Roberts Show
https://www.mrajroberts.com/podcasts/ Mr AJ Roberts Podcast (his website)
https://profdolorescahill.com/ and https://custodean.com/ Custodean hosting podcast & videos
https://twitter.com/indepdubnrth -Dr Marcus de Brun who resigned from Irish Medical Council over appalling handling of Covid in Nursing Home.
https://richieallen.co.uk/irish-doctor-to-fight-government-over-refusal-to-give-covid-vaccine/ - Irish Doctor To Fight Government Over Refusal To Give Covid Vaccine
https://t.me/vincentcarroll -Telegram of Dr Vincent Carroll
https://twitter.com/BillyRalph -Twitter account of Enniscorthy Dr Billy Ralph
https://www.bitchute.com/video/UrTgbnZVGm0t/ -Aisling O'Loughlin calls out Irish Journalists
https://t.me/EddieHobbsIRL/ -Eddie Hobbs
https://twitter.com/RealEddieHobbs (Real) Eddie Hobbs on Twitter/X
https://aislingOLoughlin.substack.com/ - Aisling O'Loughlin substack
https://t.me/aislingol -Irish journalist Aisling O'Loughlin Telegram
https://t.me/antilockdownireland/ - Anti Lockdown Telegram Channel
https://AntiLockdown.org/ Website
https://t.me/s/riseupeireann/ - RiseUp Éireann Telegram Channel
https://t.me/s/NorthWestRising -North West Rising Campaign
https://t.me/EndThelLockDownIreland - End The Lockdown Ireland Telegram Channel
https://t.me/s/AnFhirinne -Campaign for TRUTH & Proper Healthcare Telegram Channel
https://t.me/s/liberty_stream_network_ireland -Liberty Stream Network Ireland Telegram Channel
https://t.me/JamForFreedomIRL/ -Jam for Freedom
http://actionCovid1984.org/ Action Covid 1984 https://www.facebook.com/actioncovid1984 -Facebook https://t.me/actionCovid1984/ -Telegram
https://t.me/s/jimcorr/ -Jim Corr Telegram
https://t.me/s/michaelbrazil - The Irish Git Telegram
https://t.me/s/MikeConnell - The Satircal Soldier Mike Connell
https://t.me/AlanSweeneyUncensored -Alan Sweeney
https://t.me/s/unboundtoday -Charles Malet - Unbound Today
https://t.me/s/TheGreatReopeningIreland/ -Ireland -The Great Reopening Telegram Channel
https://www.OpenEire.org/ and Telegram https://t.me/s/OpenEireAnn
https://t.me/ireland_onlockdown -Telegram Ireland On Lockdown
https://t.me/theitalianjob2 -The Italian Job Telegram
https://t.me/s/newsforallofficial -News For All Ireland Telegram
https://ComputingForever.com/ Dave Cullen / Computing Forever Website
https://t.me/ComputingForeverOfficial Telegram: https://odysee.com/@ComputingForever:9 Odysee: https://www.bitchute.com/channel/hybM74uIHJKf/ Bitchute:
https://www.bitchute.com/computingforever/ -Lots of interviews related to Covid
https://www.bitchute.com/video/FgSALTfZCT0/ - How The Irish Were Hypnotised by the Media (With John Anthony)
https://t.me/BREAKDCODE Break The Code:Telegram : https://twitter.com/BREAKZCODE1 Twitter
https://the-great-reopening.com/ - The Great Reopening website
https://t.me/GreatAwakeningOfficial - The Great Awakening Official Telegram
https://t.me/naomiwolf -Dr Naomi Wolf Telegram
https://t.me/PeterMcCullough -Dr. Peter McCullough (Telegram Channel) is a consultant cardiologist and Vice Chief of Medicine at Baylor University Medical Center in Dallas, TX. He is a Principal Faculty in internal medicine for the Texas A & M University ..
https://myocarditisUk.com/ - Fighting Myocarditis Every Day
https://t.me/s/jointhewhiterose Join The White Rose Telegram (Global Group)https://t.me/whiterosedublin - White Rose Dublin Telgramhttps://t.me/joinchat/m6OWFEEgk7c4OWM0 - White Rose Midlands Telgram

https://WorldwideDemonstration.com/ -World Wide Demonstration websitehttps://t.me/s/worldwidedemonstration -Telegram and https://t.me/joinchat/7OUPM3LVyoE5NTQ0 -Telegram for WWD Ireland

https://kieranmorrissey.substack.com/ -Kieran Morriseey's Substack
http://breac.net/ -Some of the writings and art of Paul Lynch, who is a Macrompian and Corkonian inhabiting the upper Lee valley in Ireland.
https://cassandrasbox.com/ - CassandrasBox.com

https://CovidCallToHumanity.org/ Covid Call To Humanity
https://t.me/australia_must_rise/ -Australia Must Rise Telegram
https://t.me/craigkelly -Craig Kelly independent MP is possibly the only politician speaking out in Australia.
https://QuerDenken-711.de/ -German group translates as Lateral Thinking 711. They organised the huge Berlin protests
https://MuchAdoAboutCorona.ca/ -exposing the hoax • stopping the oppression • preserving our humanity
[https://winteroak.org.uk/ -See their blog with many articles on Covid
https://docs4OpenDebate.be/en/ -Doctors 4 Open Debate
https://acu2020.org/ -World Freedom Alliance
https://AmericasFrontlineDoctors.org/ -website
https://theVirusTruth.com/covid-19/ -The Virus Truth
https://in-this-together.com/ COVID 19 Is A Statistical Nonsense
Save Live Music Campaign -launched by Van Morrison
https://www.facebook.com/YellowVestIreland/ and https://t.me/YellowvestIre Telegram
https://grahamneary.wordpress.com/ Graham Neary wordpress
https://SaveOurRights.uk/ website and https://t.me/SaveOurRightsUKOfficial on Telegram
https://www.ConservativeWoman.co.uk/ -Conservative Woman -the most unlikely places are now reporting the truth. Practically every Left wing site is behind this tyrannical madness. See https://www.conservativewoman.co.uk/mystery-of-four-ba-pilot-deaths-after-covid-vaccine/ BA refuse to deny pilots died after covid jab
http://AgainstVaccinePassports.com -Website that lists businesses that are AGAINST vaccine passports. List your business with them

https://t.me/CamelotTV -CamelotTV Telegram

https://TheLightPaper.co.uk/archive and their Telegram channel https://t.me/TheLightPaperDistribution
https://IrishLightPaper.com/ -The Irish Light Newspaper
https://t.me/ThePeoplesPaper -The People's Paper and also at https://www.facebook.com/thepeoplesconvention/
https://EarthNewspaper.com/ -Earth Newspaper - All The Honest News Fit to Publish
https://aStandInThePark.org/ see groups for Ireland https://www.astandinthepark.org/our-stands-republic-of-ireland/

https://www.medscape.com/sites/public/covid-19/vaccine-insights/how-concerned-are-you-about-vaccine-related-adverse-events -Hundreds of Medical Professionals Speak Out on Medscape Forum Warning about Dangers of COVID Injections

https://doctors4covidethics.org/ -Doctors 4 Covid Ethics. Their original website washttps://doctors4covidethics.medium.com/
https://CollateralGlobal.org/ - An international community of researchers studying the outcomes & effectiveness of SARS-CoV-2 mitigation policies.
https://TheGaryNullShow.podbean.com - Gary Null show
Forum where People are Fact Checking the Lies by Media
https://t.me/s/UKVaccineCentresExposed -UK Vaccine Centres Exposed Telegram
https://off-guardian.org/ -Off Guardian as real Guardian is just propaganda now
https://www.NotOnTheBeeb.co.uk/ - This refers to Not On The BBC
https://www.FromRome.info/ -Run by Brother Bugnolo
http://redefininggod.com/ -very deep thinking on the situation many layers in. Requires lots of reading of site to understand what is being said.
http://redefininggod.com/obama-and-the-2nd-coming/ -The “End Times” Deception
https://www.unz.com/audio/channel/kbarrett/ -Kevin Barrett -covering Covid lately
https://TheWallWillFall.org/ -The Wall Will Fail
https://richieallen.co.uk/ -The Richie Allen Show (Irish Guy in Manchester with a very successful radio show / podcast )
https://covid-unmasked.net/ - Are you having disagreements with family members about being vaccinated? Get help and information here
https://blog.NoMoreFakeNews.com/ Jon Rappoport's Blog

https://www.openpetition.eu/ie/petition/online/end-lockdown-in-ireland-fully-now End Lockdown in Ireland Fully Now
http://www.vernoncoleman.com/hnat.htm -Vernon Coleman's transcripts of daily talks on Covid.
https://www.brighteon.com/new-search?query=Vernon%20Coleman&page=1&uploaded=all -Vernon Coleman's Brighteon Video Channeland see his new channel on https://brandnewtube.com/@DrVernonColeman
http://1000CovidStories.com/ - 1000 Covid Stories
https://zeeeMedia.com/ -Zeee Media
https://HugoTalks.com/ -Hugo Talks
https://dailyExpose.co.uk/ The Daily Expose excellent site!
https://fos-sa.org/ -Freedom of Speech
https://www.false-pandemics.com/ - Arguments Against the Rule of Fear
https://StopMedicalDiscrimination.org/ - STOP MEDICAL DISCRIMINATION - The Petition To Stop Forced Experimental Vaccines

https://dryburgh.com/ -Asking questions doesn't make you a Covid denier
https://TheCovidBlog.com/ - The Covid Blog
https://MarkCrispinMiller.com/ -Prof Mark Crispin Miller -see interview of him here
https://substack.com/@markcrispinmiller1 -Mark Crispin on Substack
https://www.facebook.com/DrScottJensen/ -Dr Scott Jensen who broke the story in the US on how doctors were paid to write Covid on death certs
https://t.me/zerotolerancemedia/ -Zero Tolerance Media UK News Telegram
https://www.ukMedFreedom.org/ UK Medical Freedom network

https://t.me/Covid19disclosure -Covid 19 Medical Fraud Full Disclosure Telegram
https://t.me/cvinjuriesanddeaths -Your Jab Won't Save You -Covid Injuries and Deaths Telegram
https://t.me/mrn_death -mRNA Death Toll Telegram
https://t.me/covidvaccineinjuries -Covid Vaccine Injuries Telegram
http://www.notb-sports.org/ -Not on the Beeb -Sports Injuries -Sudden Deaths and Injury within Sports
https://www.RealNotRare.com/ Real Not Rare website covering vaccine injuries and people's stories
https://www.howBad.info/ -How Bad is My Batch. Are some batches more toxic than others?Batch codes and associated deaths, disabilities and illnesses for Covid 19 Vaccines
https://theCovidWorld.com/ -The COVID World Because Everyone's Story Should Be Heard

https://t.me/FrontlineworkersSpeakOut - Front Line Workers Speak Out Telegram
https://t.me/COVID19VACCINEVictims -Covid-19 Vaccine Victims and Families Telegramhttps://t.me/childcovidvaccineinjuriesuk Child Covid Vaccine Injuries UK Telegram
https://t.me/Sergeant/RobertHorton -Sergeant in the US Army as a Psychological Operations Warfare Specialist from 1999 - 2012 in the US.

https://findcheckpoints-65.webself.net/ website that pinpoints "checkpoints" in the area
https://t.me/covidcheckpointsireland - Covid Checkpoints Ireland Telegram
https://ichr.ie/" -Irish Council for Human RightsSee also Template forms related to non-consent around face coverings, testing, vaccines etc. at https://ichr.ie/publications/#toggle-id-6
https://www.facebook.com/LawyersForJusticeIreland -Lawyers for Justice Ireland Facebook and https://t.me/LawyersforJusticeIreland/ Telegram
https://lawyersforjusticeireland.wordpress.com/ -Lawyers for Justice Ireland wordpress site
https://t.me/s/lawyersoflight - Lawyers of Light Telegram

https://PlandemicVideo.com/ -Watch Plandemic Documentary here
http://ISE.MEDIA -ISE Media -setup by Plandemic director and as a solution to the information war by Big Tech/Big Media
https://mamm.org/ -Millions Against Medical Mandates
http://PlanetLockdownFilm.com and https://t.me/PlanetLockdown Telegram
https://www.CoronaBabble.com/ -Coronavirus - the germ that erodes human rights
https://principia-scientific.com/2010-rockefellers-operation-lockstep-predicted-2020-lockdown/ -‘Operation Lockstep’ Predicted 2020 ‘Lockdown’
https://www.technocracy.news/ -Exposing the Agenda of the Technocracy and Tri-Lateral commission which is now being carried out in the form of the Great Reset under the ruse of the Covid scamdemic. Headed by Patrick Wood, listen to this interview here detailing the history of it to the present.

Covid Vaccines Injuries and Cures & Remedies

This section brings together some links documenting Vaccine injuries and deaths and other ones that discuss possible anti-dotes or cures & remedies that might reverse their damge
https://t.me/mrn_death -mRNA Death Toll Telegram
https://t.me/covidvaccineinjuries -Covid Vaccine Injuries Telegram
http://www.notb-sports.org/ -Not on the Beeb -Sports Injuries -Sudden Deaths and Injury within Sports
https://www.RealNotRare.com/ Real Not Rare website covering vaccine injuries and people's stories
https://www.howBad.info/ -How Bad is My Batch. Are some batches more toxic than others?Batch codes and associated deaths, disabilities and illnesses for Covid 19 Vaccines
https://t.me/COVID19VACCINEVictims -Covid-19 Vaccine Victims and Families Telegram
https://t.me/RemediesCV19VaxxVictims -Remedies & Protocols for victims of CoV-19 vaccine injuries
https://t.me/s/vaccinedetox - Covid Vaccine Detox
https://t.me/detoxprotocols - Detox Protocols
https://ambassadorlove.wordpress.com/ -Website of Dr Ariyana Love and on Telegram https://t.me/s/drariyanalove

See also Post Covid Vaccine Supplement Cure Guide

Some of the Few Honourable Irish TDs Speaking out Against the Bullshit

These are possibly the only TDs in the Irish Dail / Government offering any form of opposition. They are to be commended while all the others allow our democracy and freedoms to be shredded.
https://www.facebook.com/diarmaidpolitics/ - Diarmaid O’Cadhla Cork County Councillor. See also https://www.thefuture.ie/

Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin Related

https://Covid19CriticalCare.com/ - Front Line COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance - Prophylaxis & Treatment Protocols for COVID-19

http://www.flccc.net -alternative address for previous site
Countries that use Hydroxychloroquine may have 80% lower Covid death rates
https://delingpole.podbean.com/e/dr-james-todaro/ -Listen to interview of Dr James Todaro describing #Lancetgate the fake research paper published in the Lancet and how it was retracted. It was used to discredit Hydroxychloroquine
https://c19ivermectin.com/ -Database of all ivermectin COVID-19 studies
https://c19study.com/ -Database of all HCQ COVID-19 studies
https://c19vitamind.com/ -Database of all vitamin D COVID-19 studies

Vaccine Safety or Lack Of

See our Vaccine Deaths & Injuries page
https://t.me/VaxInjuriesIreland - A Telegram channel for Irish individuals & families to share the stories of vax injuries & passing of their loved ones
http://www.data-analytica.org/database.htm - COVID Vaccine (Vax) Injury Database for Ireland- 2nd link http://naturalimminity.com/index.php/project-devine-inspiration/
https://nomoresilence.world/ -No More Silence -We are a fast-growing group who have been affected in many different ways by the Covid-19 Vaccine implementation.
https://vaxxter.com/ -Scientific articles exposing vaccine myths and pharma foibles
https://www.vaccineu.com -Free Advanced Vaccine Courses
https://www.icandecide.org/ -Informed Consent Action Network (ICAN)
https://www.facebook.com/IrishVaccinationAwareness/ -Irish Vaccination Awareness
https://www.normanfenton.com/covid-19 -Professor Norman Fenton who has published numerous papers on Covid Vaccine injury

https://ahrp.org/ -Alliance for Human Research Protection
See also Vaxxed Film Reveals Deaths and Injuries Caused by Vaccines by Interviewing the Victims - Gardasil Vaccine the Worst?
https://www.ukcolumn.org/article/no-smoke-without-fire-covid-19-and-rio-gulag -No Smoke without Fire: Covid 19 and the RiO Gulag
https://www.ukcolumn.org/article/no-smoke-without-fire-part-2-t-cell-training-and-covid-19-vaccines -No Smoke without Fire Part 2: T Cell Training and Covid 19 Vaccines
https://www.ukcolumn.org/article/no-smoke-without-fire-part-3-vaccine-adverse-reactions -No Smoke Without Fire - Part 3
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iL9mMTDSrzY -No Smoke Without Fire - Part 4

Boosting Your Health & Alternative Related Health Links

https://www.mercola.com/ - Dr. Mercola Natural Health
http://www.jayne-donegan.co.uk/ -Dr Jayne Donegan
https://www.anhinternational.org/n - Alliance for Natural Health
Dr. Bernstein's Diabetes University. Official Web Site
https://www.drchristineschaffner.com/12887-2/ -Interesting podcast. The Heart is Not a Pump
http://HeartAttackNew.com/ -Heart Attack New Approaches
https://www.westonaprice.org/ -The Weston A Price Foundation
https://www.AnatBanielMethod.com/ -The Anat Baniel method. Amazing Neuro Movement techniques that can help recover brain function and movement in people with brain injuries, stroke patients and even those suffering Cerebral Palsy

https://vimeo.com/24821365 - Burzynski: Cancer Is Serious Business (Part I)
https://vimeo.com/238524116 Cancer is Serious Business Part2
https://gcmaf.se GcMAF Cancer cure and see https://www.cancertutor.com/gcmaf-potential-cure/
https://rielpolitik.com/2021/12/22/cover-up-what-if-cancer-was-already-cured-by-bill-sardi/ -about Dr Yamamoto
Zinc inhibits Nagalase. Nagalase inhibits macrophages from attacking cancer. Therefore keeping zinc levels up is good

https://epidemicAnswers.org/about-the-epidemic/ -Epidemic Answers - The Epidemic (of chronic conditions)

Corruption of Medical and Scientific Establishment Related

https://DrMalcolmKendrick.org/ - blog of UK GP who writes about corruption etc
https://MedicatingNormal.com/ -Film: Medicating Normal
https://www.dietdoctor.com/corruption-medical-system-change -article on: The corruption of the medical system and how it should change
https://www.dw.com/en/high-doses-of-medical-corruption-worldwide/a-16501875 article on: High doses of medical corruption worldwide
Peter Wise, British Medical Journal, 2016 Cancer drugs, survival, and ethics
Robert Weinberg, Cell 2014, Coming Full Circle—From Endless Complexity to Simplicity and Back Again

John P. A. Ioannidis, PLOS 2005, Why Most Published Research Findings Are False
John P. A. Ioannidis, J Clin Epidemiol, 2016 Evidence-based medicine has been hijacked: a report to David Sackett

see book by Petr Skrabanek and James McCormick Follies and Fallacies in Medicine
The Death of Humane Medicine and the Rise of Coercive Healthism - Petr Skrabanek - 1994

https://dr-monsrs.net/2017/04/03/on-corruption-in-the-peer-review-process-does-it-matter/ Article on: On Corruption in the Peer Review Process! Does it Mater?
See the book by Dr Seamus O'Mahony titled: Can Medicine Be Cured? The Corruption of a Profession link
http://whale.to/ -large treasure trove of medical related documents largely suppressed.


http://thesaker.is/bernays-and-propaganda/ -Bernays and Propaganda
http://thesaker.is/propaganda-and-the-media-part-1-introduction/ Propaganda and the Media: Part 1 – Introduction
http://thesaker.is/propaganda-and-the-media-deception-on-a-grand-scale-part-2/- Propaganda and the Media – Deception on a Grand Scale – Part 2
http://thesaker.is/propaganda-and-the-media-part-3-establishing-and-controlling-the-narrative/ - Propaganda and the Media — Part 3 – Establishing and Controlling the Narrative
http://thesaker.is/propaganda-and-the-media-all-you-have-to-do-is-think-part-4/ - Propaganda and the Media: All you have to do is think – Part 4
http://thesaker.is/propaganda-and-the-media-lets-tell-some-lies-part-5/ -Propaganda and the Media — Let’s Tell Some Lies — Part 5
http://thesaker.is/propaganda-and-the-media-censorship-or-burning-the-history-books-part-6/ -Propaganda and the Media — Censorship, or Burning the History Books — Part 6
http://thesaker.is/propaganda-and-the-media-fact-checking-part-7/ - Propaganda and the Media: Fact-Checking – Part 7
Propaganda & Manipulation in action https://www.middleeasteye.net/news/mind-control-secret-british-government-blueprints-shaping-post-terror-planning -'Controlled spontaneity': The secret UK government blueprints shaping post-terror planning

http://thesaker.is/gaslighting-the-psychology-of-shaping-anothers-reality/ - Gaslighting: The Psychology of Shaping Another’s Reality
https://americanfreepress.net/perpetual-war-and-the-global-media-psyop/ -Former German (and late) Reporter Dr. Udo Ulfkotte admits Most Media Work for CIA, MI6, Mossad
https://www.ucsusa.org/resources/disinformation-playbook -The Disinformation Playbook -How Business Interests Deceive, Misinform, and Buy Influence at the Expense of Public Health and Safety

Free Emails

Stop using Free email services from companies like Google, Microsoft and Yahoo. They are scanning all the emails and preventing emails being received from sites and or other emails that are spreading news that they don't want you to hear.
Use other email services like:
https://protonmail.com/ (Switzerland)
https://tutanota.com/ (Germany).
Or setup your own from a local provider

Free Julian Assange Campaign and Related Sites

And of course the site he created: https://wikileaks.org/
https://www.facebook.com/groups/634407133894321/ -Free Assange Ireland

https://www.craigmurray.org.uk/ - Craig Murray former British Ambassador to Uzbekistan and whistle-blower

How CIA / NSA Cyber Hacking Division Can Access Any System

https://wikileaks.org/ciav7p1/ -Vault 7: CIA Hacking Tools Revealed

Community / Sovereignty

https://1215tribes.com/ - 1215 Tribes Empowering Voices Defending Freedoms
https://seedie.ie/ -Brown Envelope Seeds Ireland

Currencies / Sovereignty

See also related page: Campaign & Links and Free Software & Alternatives to Big Tech
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